February 4, 2023

35 thoughts on “Stop leash pulling fast. No ecollar, no prong, no treats

  1. Two more of your good and useful methods, thank you so much. I think that ‘stepping into the dog’ with that right leg will help us a lot; as will changing the collar now an then — mix things up a bit which should help to keep my 13-month Lab-Shep aware of the fact, and attentive to the fact, that she is on a leash.

  2. I would love to see pre-training videos with the owner, and even post-training videos with the owner. I think they could be a great addition to your channel.

  3. Dogs sense when the human is in control. I volunteer to train service dogs. When they walk with their fosters they can be all over. I take the leash and instant change. So that’s when I show the foster some of the techniques I’ve learned from your video and from other great trainers I follow. Keep up the great work. Train one dog at a time. Teach the humans a 1000 at a time with your videos! ❤️

  4. This lesson can cinch a dog’s ability to secure a forever home, no doubt about it. I was at the end of my own tether with my rescue, and now we can begin again. Huge thanks!

  5. I’m so impressed! That’s our Cooper and it’s awesome to see him doing so well. As owners we have new tools to help keep control. And yes, that puppy pulled me to the ground in an attempt to get to another dog. That was before…not now!! And it’s only Day1! Thank u

  6. Love this video, it really hits home because I go back and forth with my dog from gentle leader to regular collar to keep him on his toes and his walks just get better and better. I’m still not good enough to get all the check ins with my dog though so I know I have to put more effort into that and I will be trying that new move!

  7. Your videos are really helping me with my two dogs! I have a stubborn Staffie and Mixed breed rescue dog. I have been using your ‘stop and pop’ technique last few days and oh my god they are different dogs! My main challenge is getting them less reactive crossing other dogs on the street. I live in the UK and we don’t have huge roads like you do 😃 so we cross on paths with very close proximity. But you’re truly a great help thanks!

  8. Same! we took our dog to a trainer and they got him walking loose in like 10 seconds but didn’t do a good job training us how to have that kind of presence and timing so its taken months of my learning on my own to get my dog to only ok walking – and mostly with a prong. would love to be able to just walk him on a flat collar!

  9. This technique works awesomely! I have a 6-year old standard poodle who is very powerful and has a tendency to pull. I use an “easy walk” harness when I walk him which offers more control than just a collar, but this technique is the best! Thanks for sharing it, Beckman! My walks with Sam are so much more enjoyable now!

  10. @Sarah Adams Nauman What worked for a dog I trained was every time she pulled, I just stopped. She learned in a block not to ppull. Joel’s method is better, but what I did is very simple. Each dog is different, though.

  11. @atheist4thecause Absolutely! I do the same with my dogs. The dog pulls, I stop completely. I say sit, lay down, or whatever I want them to do. Finally I say let’s go, but I don’t move. The dog shouldn’t move without me, but if they do I just pull a bit on their harness to let them know it’s not time to go. Dogs learn by repetition. If they continue to pull, I just ignore them and they stay put. I don’t do much talking, just the barely minimum necessary commands.

  12. Yo Man – I just walked my one year and one month old puller German Shepherd this morning utilizing the techniques demonstrated in this video and it was mostly a great loose leash walk! Totally value your approach and background and looking forward to learning more. Thank you!

  13. I’ve said this a week ago when I first tried and I will tell you again – my relationship with my dog has changed COMPLETELY. No one ever showed this method. He is a perfect dog except for being a huge pain to walk as he pulls to himself, while I pull against him. each walk ends with utter frustration on my part and confusion on his – along with pain in my limbs and small back/hip area as I try to overcorrect for the insane pulling (10 month old chunky husky). This method has changed it all in a matter of minutes. He now walks next to me, checks where I am, stops when I stop – it is almost unbelievable how quickly this method turned him from a pain to absolute pleasure to walk.

  14. What does this guy have against dogs? Dog nazi. Loves to punk dogs. It’s like he’s disappointed that he can’t correct him.

    So, all you did was give him a correction? That’s it? How much do you charge for that?

    How do you even know he knows the commands you’re punishing him for disobeying?

  15. Well I just took my 7 month old dog out for a walk using the techniques you showed in the video and the transformation was instant. Great videos. Thanks

  16. Revisiting this video as I’ve been studying to have a well behaved, happy and trained pup. I have 2 Great Dane pups and we took Cersei for her first walk around the whole neighborhood and it was an amazing walk having these methods in case I needed them. Kinda froze up and didn’t know what to do when neighbor dogs were out in their front yards barking at her through the gate she was so frightened I didn’t know what to do except tell her to ignore them and kept walking. She does run right out of the door though so we need some practice there…

  17. This was awesome! The first real help I got with my leash-pulling-dog. I did this only today with him and he already has changed for the better. I’ll be consistent and more aware of my own behavior towards him – thanks to your video!

  18. I love how I did exactly this with my dog without ever knowing this technique. But I knew from horse training that “who moves who” is essential.. great stuff ♡

  19. It worked! I didn’t want to use a prong collar, and you showed me that I didn’t have to! Best walk I’ve ever had with my dog and he’s one. Thank you!

  20. I have to say a huge thank you I have been struggling for months with a large dogo argentino pulling me wherever he likes and NO amount of positive reinforcement was working and I was at my wits end as it was making every walk a nightmare for me. Today from the very start I did a few corrections and for the majority of the walk thereafter he was a different dog, stopping when I did, walking nicely beside me!! So much so I did a longer walk as I was actually enjoying it. I was all about positive reinforcement at the start of raising our pup but sometimes you just have to use whatever training works best for your dog and you🤷‍♀️

  21. So great and thank you! Our 1 yr lab is a puller and a wanderer. This method worked great until he saw a woodchuck….he’s 100 lbs, I’m 120…needless to say I almost ended up in the weeds with him. I’m determined to win!😂 your videos are awesome, I’ve learned so much!

  22. @Sarah Adams Nauman, that’s why you never have anyone train your dog for you. The dog trainer is for training you!

  23. Literally one day of this and my dog is obedient, not exaggerating. I tried positive-reinforcement training for 3 months with my pup at the advice of my vet/others, and it just led to him being spoiled and not stopping his negative behaviors. Now I have an actually disciplined dog who respects me, and who I don’t feel guilty for giving treats and love to when he’s actually good! Thank you for this!!

  24. Don’t feel bad. I fell out of the front door today. I fell backwards. I’m glad the guy across the street saw it & I don’t speak Spanish 😂🏆 the look 😂 I could literally just hear his thoughts 😂

  25. @twoshady518 ❤❤ that’s how I am; but I know I’m also not setting Gary up for confidence either. It’s hard for me to ever be firm with him; unless something is dangerous. Idk anymore 💖💙

  26. And people are ok with you treating their fosters or own dogs with this? Most people I know with dogs would have better advocacy for the welfare of their animals.

  27. Hey mate, great vid, I loved it! You mentioned that the switch from the choke collar to the regular really made a difference on the first corrections since it felt different to the dog so… what if we’re already using a regular, shall we start doing your technique anyways or switch to another collar before? Thank you!

  28. I would like to see the owner come back and take the same walk. The dog is behaving because he respects the trainer. Respecting the owner the same way is going to be the real victory. I want to see how the owner learns to get that same respect in the dog’s eyes.

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