March 22, 2023

29 thoughts on “The 3 Moves You Need to Fix your Dog Walks – Plus the concept which ties it all together.

  1. WOW! Great instruction video. You just wrapped this present, put a bow on it and hand delivered this all of us can do. I subscribed, liked, and hit the bell. Thank you!

  2. This is amazing 👏🙌 well done Joel, I’ve got to keep this up . I’ve got two but I need to do more of this whilst the other 9ne is off leash . We’ll done Joel, 😊🙏

  3. The 180 move definitely helps the positioning! This dog acts like one of mine does too, very easily distracted and doesn’t quite stay at my side fully! Thanks for this video! Always great to see the training tips in action with a dog that needs a bit extra! Far too often you make it look too easy, Joel! Hahaha this dog is no different, and I remain impressed with how quickly dogs obey you! I’m clearly a push-over in my dog’s eyes! Haha

  4. Thank you for this training information. My dog is amazing and easy to train…when there are limited distractions. I’m going to start this today!

  5. You’re truly an amazing dog trainer. Thank you so much for sharing your techniques!

  6. ” You are watching this video, possibly because your dog is out of control” you say, and I say ” Nope, just because I love how you change those dogs life forever”….. Thank you for another great video Joel.

  7. Beckman, you are so lucky to be able train dogs – And for a business! I LOVE dogs, and when I train my friend’s dog with your methods, there is just something satisfying to making a dog well trained. I’ve also been using your no-nonsense methodods to train my cats basic commands. I just wanted to say that I really look up to you, and I love the work that you are doing🙂

  8. Thanks Joel, not only is your method outstanding, but you also make dog training simple and straightforward to explain and apply, unlike many other trainers across the whole spectrum.

    Really appreciate you putting this information out into the public domain as it’s incredibly challenging to find people who share your common sense, no-nonsense approach with dogs over here in England.

    When I tell people my pup ignores treats on walks, I’m only ever met with blank faces, or just get told that I “haven’t found the right treat yet” – and I have cycled through just about everything.

    With your method I’ve made great progress with my high-drive Shiba Inu puppy (now approaching 9 months old) and have solid loose-leash walking with him in low-medium distraction environments, after many months of painful zero focus harness walking with him stopping, pulling and everything in between.

  9. i have always had retrievers, trained to a high level of partnership and controllable by hand signals up to 300 yards away. reliable off leash. sit means sit. However, I am trying to help my aunt, who is not a dog person, with her 12lb. 2-year-old corgi/pom mix. She pulls like a a husky. Would love to see how you adapt the techniques for such a little dog. I realize that most people seek help when they can’t handle their dog and that never happens with a 12lb dog. Love watching you and learn so much! thank you!

  10. I am a Veterinarian in Australia. I have a collection of your videos that I recommend clients watch for training tips. Great work!

  11. Love the idea of a 180 and then a cut off, my belgian shepadoodle walks good but will be trying to implement the pattern for cutting the 180 turn into our walks/training

  12. Me too .. I found his methods a long time ago and mine have been fixed for a long time. I still watch Incase it’s something new and even if not it still helps cement it with repetition

  13. I even am able to have one of my dog correct the others like Prince…never thought I’d have that! Now I video my dogs on my YouTube! Lol

  14. My absolutely favorite dog trainer! its so simple and plain. no brutallity no bullshit pure leadership skills! it seems like its easy but its not. i like how he sees dogs as animals not extended family members or sibling of ones childrens.

  15. Wow just to see him go from mostly checked out to being more focused and in step with you even during off leash was phenomenal. Love it and keep showing us deep dives like this! Looks like me and my girl got some work to do!

  16. Thank you Joel for the invaluable training tips and instructions and for your generosity in sharing your knowledge so freely.

  17. A gentle leader will fix the dog in no time.

    I used one with my small 3kg dog and after A DAY of walking in the park with a gentle leader, at the end of the day with a regular leash like he had (chest harness) he wasn’t pulling at all.

  18. I’m thinking the dynamic could easily be unwound, by doing an activity that the dog considers a game, and where it relies on your lead. Such as running a dog course, throwing a ball in water, or maybe going hunting. In those settings the activities require you to use your compassion for the pets differently. The dogs will enjoy because it feels empowering to them to go conquer some new skillsets. And they will look to you for leadership corrections and firm commands. Kind of like putting vitamins in winegums 😛

  19. Great video! Your methods are so simple and effective. Thanks to your channel, my 6-month-old lab is one of the best-behaved dogs at the dog park!

  20. Life changing. I stumbled on to your method less than a week ago. I was totally “done with” my 6 month old Belgian Malinos – especially after she nipped a lady at the store.
    Nothing I had tried before seemed to work, and I believe that it it was me who was not the leader I should have been- that lead us to that day.
    In a very short time, we have come so far. Thank you.

  21. Hi, i have a question; i always been told by the force free guys to not use leash corrections because they cause harm to dog’s neck. Have you ever seen any cases where a dog’s neck was injured by ordinary leash corrections?

  22. @Lifeisawheelie  having my dog be able to do all those things would be amazing for him! Unfortunately, I’m dealing with a very dog reactive dog, so I don’t trust him very well off leash yet. I have learned however, from these videos and the community here, that I have to be more of the boss for sure. So I appreciate the additional tips to help get that message across to him too! Not sure about other dogs, but I have the kind of dog who literally only takes me serious when he has a leash and collar on. It’s like work mode for him, so getting him to focus off-leash is like trying to tell a toddler to take a nap… he simply won’t do it! Hahaha

  23. Leslie, I totally understand. I have one (mixed with GSD). I’m tough, clear and consistent – yet this breed is so stubborn and absolutely determined to be pack leader. It’s a 24/7 challenge, and if you give them an inch, they take a mile. He’s a true superdog. I love him dearly, but it’s the toughest job I’ve ever done. He’s a little more than a year old now and still tries to go on “his own mission” if he thinks he can.

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