February 4, 2023

STOP Leash Pulling with ANY BREED Right NOW! SO EASY!


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31 thoughts on “STOP Leash Pulling with ANY BREED Right NOW! SO EASY!

  1. I applied the techniques from this video on my 9mon husky. He always pulled and was very excited to be sniffing the grass the entire walk with a marking behavior. I bought the prong collar, 15min in, with 4-5 u-turns and 2-3 sudden stops, he was walking right next to me with the leash as loose as it gets.

    Took him on a hike the same day, there was little pulling whatsoever.

    Thank you so much for sharing this technique which has help me and many others!

  2. So I had my dog about 3 years. Always pulling me or anyone wanting to walk her. I purchased the 2 collars you recommended and followed your steps to a t. Within 15 minutes, she was by my side walking, stopping when I did, and even paid more attention to me when others were walking by, some with there dogs. She’s almost a totally different dog! Thank you!

  3. My husband and I watched your video, literally immediately took both the male pitbull and female doberman out and walked them separately, so each of us were able to focus on one dog at a time with your method, (we already have prong collars from previous dogs, which we did not successfully use the collars correctly) instant, massive improvement. Thank you! We are instant subscribers!

  4. Omg this makes me hopeful!!! I’m going to get those collars too, I have a 4 month old husky/border collie mix and walking has become stressful instead of relaxing.. I can’t go on jogs or walks with him because he pulls so hard and moves from one side to the next tangling himself and me with the leash

  5. The trainer he got this from is on YouTube He’s a sensation right now he can train any dog any size,” Dog Daddy”..👍

  6. @Suzie Carr most people don’t notice skin irritation because their dogs have dark fur. On a white poodle with trimmed hair you notice redness immediately. I would not recommend using prong collar for anything but short training session.

  7. @American Standard Dog Training is there another place to get it without buying from Amazon?? I rescued 5 dogs. I had them mostly trained but my idiot friend won’t keep them trained and my hands usually always numb and cramped and I can’t handle 4 dogs pulling. I have a mountain curr, blue healer, husky timber wolf mix 8 months old, pit bull sharpei mix 8 months old, German Shepard husky mix about 2 yrs approx. And my beagle a yr and half old. And the little min pin I found running down middle of the road. He stays with us wherever we go. Of all the dogs, my beagle is the one who broke the leashes. I wish I could find leashes to walk all 4 without tangling up. I had 2 prong collars but neighbors steal em.. can I train them all together or do I train them separately?? I’ve been feeding them nutrena loyall life lamb and rice, they all love it. The other foods were making them sick including blue Buffalo. However it’s real hard to find. But don’t buy salmon and rice, it also made them severely sick. What are your recommendations?? Is it good to leave food out all day and night? And how do you stop food aggression and jealousy issues?? White fang and Gremlin are both bad and teaching Bleu now to do it. To I don’t want them to be fighting. Gremlin and Sheye has had multiple fights throughout their heat cycles.. what is a good way to break up dog fights?

  8. Your training methods are amazing, I have an important question: do you ever come up north? We are based in northern New Jersey and would love to have a session with you.

  9. I have a 6 month old probably husky/German shepherd mix. For the two months we’ve had him, he’s always had trouble walking outside. The trainer taught us a certain way to walk him since he was *different* which didn’t work. I watched this video, and even though it took 10 corrections, he got it! And didn’t give me trouble the rest of the walk. It was the most enjoyable walk we’ve taken.

  10. 100% verified to work. Prong collar was THE ticket for my dog. We walk every chance we get now. Thanks so much for this!

  11. @Bill Fold your lack of imagination is not my fault. I play with my dog for half an hour, throwing him a ball, making him climb stairs. That’s enough to dissipate his energy. Your dog can be different.

  12. Can’t wait to try these techniques on my two American bullies. I have an XL and a pocket.

    The pocket is an anxious mess and the XL just needs to pay attention to me

  13. Great video! I”m learning a lot from your videos and I’m looking forward to use your techniques in training my upcoming rottie pup. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  14. Northern New Jersey. I have a year and 4 month old pit bulldog. Can’t wait to start this training. He’s so strong and I dread walking him. Thanks so much!

  15. This will be helpful with my sheltie who actively listens and rocks in the sweet spot most times but can get distracted and stubborn. Thank you.

  16. thanks for the video.

    i tried the exact same thing with my dog (olympic sled team), except not using a prong collar, just his regular choker on an elastic leash. We did random turn arounds, and i also added a turn around whenever he got ahead of me.

    10 minutes and he’s walking in the right place.

    now i just need him to ignore the other dogs….

  17. This is the truth. I just used this exact technique on my 2 year old sheltie. No correction collar, I just put on her yard collar, not a harness. 3 correction turns and for the first time in over a year our morning 2 mile run was her right next to me the entire time. No barking at the farm dogs, no pulling, and no jumping and spinning when she sees deer. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  18. I came from the channel u mentioned and barely see any improvement. Now that i started watching your videos along with Mcann I am seeing huge improvement with our walks and following commands. btw. i have a 4months old English bulldog, would it be possible you film maybe a training using bulldog?

  19. I saw your video yesterday 12/12 went to buy a prong collar and walk my 8month German Shepard today 12/13 and walla he don’t pull no more with in 5min of walking. Just how you explained on the video I followed everything and oh man what a change. Thanks for the training video.

  20. I’m gonna try that for my 10 month old. I have an easy walk no pull collar that made walking a breeze but he’s starting to pull again

  21. I have a 60 pound 1 year and 7 month old border collie mix with Australian blue heeler. This puppy has been driving me nuts.. he’s too strong and interested in everything else but me when we walk. It didn’t take me longer than 15 minutes to get him walking next to me and checking in with me so often I really couldn’t find the time to do any sudden stops or corrective uturns towards the end. Thank you so much! This is amazing!

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