February 4, 2023

How to STOP your DOG PULLING on LEASH…GUARANTEED! / / Dog Trainer’s Secret Revealed


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Exactly how to quit your pet dog drawing on your leash assured in 15 mins or less. Adhere to these actions and you will have a loose chain walking canine in no time. We utilize this strategy on practically every pet dog that comes via our training program. It is the most effective kept secret in all of canine training. This training method aids canines that not only pull on the leash but have serious anxiousness, chain reactivity, and hostility concerns. TELL United States IF THIS BENEFITED YOU! SEE BELOW … #canecorso #dogtraining #dog

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PLEASE POST IN THE REMARKS SECTION IF YOU ATTEMPTED IT AS WELL AS IT FUNCTIONED. Tell us where you're from, the breed as well as age of canine and also just how poor the drawing was from 1-10 (10 being the worst). Tell us what collar you made use of and also the amount of representatives to obtain your dog to quit drawing as well as walk next to you. And anything else you wish to inform us regarding the experience before, throughout or after using this strategy. THANKS!

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54 thoughts on “How to STOP your DOG PULLING on LEASH…GUARANTEED! / / Dog Trainer’s Secret Revealed

  1. Did the exercise at home and had the best walk with my dog. Extremely recommended. Great tips and awesome content. Thank you

  2. Another happy viewer. What kind of dog? Age, breed how bad was the pulling?

  3. Well, my one years old dog has always been pulling a lot. After I watch a few of your videos and with practice, the progress is amazing. I just came back from a 20 minutes walk without holding the leash, the feeling was amazing. Thanks a lot!

  4. 100% this works! Tried this today with my 3 year old GSD (42kgs). He understood what was going one after the first pop, did not pull again for the entire 20min walk. Thank you so much! Now he will get alot more walks and no more stress

  5. Thank you brother. This is EXACTLY what I needed to see. I have a 4 month old 45lb German shepherd who has some serious pulling. I took him to the back yard and worked on your technique and he responded well. Tonight, were going live in the street. 👍👍👍

  6. @American Standard Dog Training NOT AS BAD AS YOUR FLIP FLOPS😣😣

  7. They are só smart, those GS’s. (having one myself of 7 years old -always pulling on that leash and now i’m interested in a prongcollar, although forbidden here in Holland)

  8. @Lucie Sneep I did not use a prong collar, difficult to find in Australia. I used a chain collar, it did the job.

  9. @Philboss So you used the slip- effect of the chain? I have one too here….but never used as a slip.

  10. Our family dog is 11 years old and had the habit of pulling since the beginning. These 2 exercises have completely changed our walks. He’s 90lbs so you can imagine his strength is not easy to play tug-a-war with lol.

  11. Never even tried to train a dog before, but this changed our daily walks from a power struggle to easy and fun for both of us in just one walk 🙂

  12. Dude… I’m seriously so thankful to have found your channel. I love my Pit / Staffy mix and have worked on being a better trainer / leader for him for 9 years now.

    This video really helped and made a difference for our walk today.

    What I love:
    – The video graphical enhancements
    – Your philosophy, approach and balanced energy
    – Clear explanations

    You make it a pleasure to share your videos ⭐️

  13. Did you use the prong collar? I’m about to try this with my roomies dog.

  14. @Nicola Brindley it’s working just fine. Huge difference. I guess the key is consistency. In terms of the hard pulls, I only used them for about 3 days, but it’s been smooth since. Every once in a while I have to remind him but that’s about it.

  15. @23raptor23 it worked well. Tha ks for asking. I’m definitely happy with the results. If you have a medium to large dog with a pulling problem, do not be afraid to use this technique. You WILL get their attention.

  16. @Peter-Peter works well with my Samoyed. However, feels like this is step 1. Still trying to find another video for fine tuning 🙂

    Thanks for the reply!

  17. @American Standard Dog Training I just watched your video, I have a 8 month old blue pit and she thinks she is the boss. I’m going to teach her 1st thing in the morning when we take our walk. Thank You 😊

  18. @Juan Lucio Roberto Carlos Cafu you don’t need a prong collar to do this method unless s/he makes no changes when tried without a prong. Which isn’t likely hoing to make much a difference. It is most reccomended for 80+lbs dogs, if yours is in that range it may be a necessary purchase in the future.

  19. @Professor Here’s a suggestion; rather than using the prong collar, use a figure of 8 lead instead, but these methods do work. They worked on my very strong doberman.

  20. we have a 115lbs Berner sennen, tug-a-war with our big girl isnt fun 😉 so I understand you.

  21. I am from Australia and we are not allowed to use prong collars on our dogs. Are there ways to do this without a print collar?

  22. i have a 1yr old mastiff x american bulldog female and shes already 90lbs but feels like 150lbs when she pulls lol

  23. Holy cow! This really works. I didn’t want to keep relying on my gentle leader, so I gave this a try on both my dogs. I didn’t use a prong collar, (just a slip leash) but this worked like a charm! 10-15 minutes each-incredible. 👏🏼

  24. @Hunter Roach prong collars are simply animal abuse and if anyone loves his dog, then you should not even think about it!!!

    In germany, austria, switzerland etc. It is completly illegal to use prong collars because of the animal welfare act!
    And that is not without reason!

  25. I like that this is a no BS training video and he actually has a dog that needs training unlike other videos where the dog is already well trained and needs no correction/reward. It may seem a little rough to give a correction like this but this is part of the training where reward-only training wont work

  26. Thank you very much for the amazing content!
    I’ve been watching your videos and trying to apply them to my staffie. He’s 4YO and by far biggest problems are leash pulling and attention being anywhere else, but on me. Unfortunately, I’ve used a prong collar for a few years as it was the only way I thought of minimizing the pulling, so using it now has literally 0 effect on him, even with quite intensive taps and sudden direction changes. I think he’s grown used to the metal. I would be immensely grateful if anyone has any other tips how to possibly fight that behavior.

  27. Hi Martin, thanks for sharing; please check out our new program THE PERFECT WALK on diy9.com. If you run into any troubles correcting your dog’s pulling, we can help you out in the private comments section of the course.

  28. @Philosophic TV Oh, stop.

    The alternative could be a dead dog, run over my a car, or a mauled child.

    I don’t like them either but not every dog is the same. I’ve seen dogs minutes from being put down, have their lives saved with a good e-collar trainer. I hated them before that.

    Likewise for the prong type.

    Also, Government isn’t God and definitely isn’t always right.

  29. I tried this with a flat collar no progress I’m going to try a prong hopefully it works this is a last resort for my dog he snapped at another dog recently praying it works

  30. @Professor did you take it off after walks and training? And do you frequently keep your prongs up to date there is maintenance with the collar

  31. Is a prong collar essential to make this efficient? Concerned that using one on my anxious, reactive dog will worsen things.

  32. I did this method with my two GSD puppies. However I used generic nylon collars and 6 feet nylon leashes.

    I think it’s more so the leash popping than the collar. My dogs went to perfectly walking side by side with me within 15 minutes of our walk and doing 2 u turns and 1 full stop

  33. Just got a pup and of course zak george pops up a lot … he’s a nice guy lol … but this guy is more my speed 😆

  34. I have a 7 month old labradoodle puppy, and he’s a big boy. He pulled like a sled dog really bad. My biggest concern is he will probably end up being around 60ish-70 pounds. I want to be able to enjoy our walks without being dragged. I was looking everywhere for help because I want to walk without anxiety, and I was worried his pulling could cause another injury in my shoulder. I watched this video and took him outside the other day it took me only 15 minutes. Now he doesn’t pull me at all. Me and my fiancé are very grateful we found your video. Thank you so much!

  35. Finally a simple well explained system that actually works. Just like the man says, 10 minutes and l now have a well behaved, loose lead walking Staffy. Turns walking the dog from a chore into pure joy.
    Thank you so much. Excellent video.

  36. Works 100%, I took my 6 months cane corso for the evening walk, he was totally different dog after I applied the technique, no more pulling within 30 minutes 😮, thanks

  37. great vid! recently found your channel and its been helping a ton with my 7 year old husky! definitely earned a sub. Also, side note, this is definitely south Florida. i know home when i see it 😄

  38. @Philosophic TVyet Herm Sprenger training collars are originally made in Germany..

  39. If it is one guy on YouTube to learn from, this is the man. My dad have trained Police dogs and he would have loved this. May his soul rest in peace. Thanks man, Great video

  40. Really helpful! I would like to know if you condition the dog to the prong collar before working with it. I’ve seen some dogs that seem really agitated just by it being on do you wait until they get past that or just start correcting with it?

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