February 4, 2023

47 thoughts on “Train your dog to COME to you NO MATTER WHAT

  1. The collar grab – Such an important step and I forgot about it. Going to practice this right now!

  2. Truly a diamond in the rough. Your content and willingness to teach others are beyond invaluable. Thank you so much for all you do Joel. It means so much to me and I’m sure, everyone else. You are a MASSIVE inspiration to me and my small dog training business. I’ll always be a fan of yours. Many blessings. <3

  3. Great video. I’ve seen you describe the process before but this is a great, concise lesson on how to put it all together.

    I love Cooper too. He’s like “I’m not going anywhere except where this guy with the chicken is!” Recall? You have to get him to leave you first 😀

  4. Repitition and consistency are key. Love cooper. He is doing great with your training. Labs are smart and trainable, but I’m a little biased. Love my lab! Thanks for the great tips Joel. They are so helpful! ☺️

  5. I looked up the meaning of the saying. Wow you are absolutely right! My mistake. I was originally trying to imply that Joel’s dog training channel is, in my opinion, the best among many. Thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson Lisette! I always remind myself, it’s okay to wrong sometimes. Thanks again!

  6. I have trained recall with dogs that I only have 1hr with daily, the fact that they understand the pitch and the comprehension shows that these methods truly work – Many times people at the dog park think they are my dogs when in fact I only give them leadership, which is all they need to have consistent recall – Well done, Joel.

  7. Joel, 8 months ago I was completely lost with my dog. I considered giving him back, because I was so out of my element. Your videos and inspiration on consistency in training absolutely saved our relationship. My dog is now a joy for others to be around, he listens when I give him instruction, and his recall is close to 100.0%. Thank you a million, Joel.

  8. @Grey Money I knew exactly what you were implying.. Beckman is above most trainers.. So I agree with you Grey..

  9. Joel, it sounds weird to say, but you’ve become my dog education Bible 😬😊 Everything I’ve tried just works, I tried so many different methods from different people before and it’s now after watching your videos that I’m getting results. Can’t tell you how happy I am to have found your channel. So great. Thanks 👍👍👍

  10. Joel is in my head all the time
    “are ya with me?”
    “I’m over this”
    “this is my house”
    I did the loose leash method with two dogs at once starting at the door. They are friggin blowing my mind. I like to go off leash, but the empowerment you feel with over 200lbs of dog walking next to you on the loose leash rocks

  11. Yes ‘tonal language’ with a dog is extremely important in all area’s of training and then in daily life for a dog to lead his/her best life.

  12. I barely can keep up with the amount of vids Joel uploads. I’m really thankful for that. Cheers.

  13. Joel, I’m a first time dog owner @ 63. I have a 8 month old Aussiedoodle… That does not step off of my curb , when I point my finger to the ground next to me “ cue “ He comes and sits right next to me . he 99.9% of the time comes to me when I call him. My neighbors are completely blown away about what a well trained dog I have and we are just beginning .this is all because I’ve been watching you for the six months I’ve had this dog. THANK YOU

  14. As a former lab owner, I concur with your statement. They are intelligent and easily trainable but powerful in strength. I have seen a lady being dragged by her 7 months lab at a park. I quickly went over to see if she was okay and she was okay just got a grass stain on her khaki pants. I advised her to start training her dog as soon as possible before she really gets hurt.

  15. Some background, I spent 15 years working with animals at a shelter and was injured on the job when a dog swept my legs out from under me and I ruptured a disk in my back. I adopted a dog to train as a service dog and had a facility that we went to weekly for training. I could never get the recall to stick with the methods they were using. I pretty much gave up on training her because of this. Your methods have given me confidence that she will come back to me. She is the fasted dog I have ever seen, it literally blew my mind the first time I saw her running in a large yard at the training facility. Thank you for this advice, I really appreciate it.

  16. Labs can be dumber than a doorknob, my mil dogs are so stupid, big oafs

  17. What I really like about this video is that it shows real-world situations not just a perfectly trained dog who has already has mastered the command. I have a 6-yr-old rescue, who is very good natured, gregarious, and very high-energy. He has had some very good professional training, but “Come” is not something that he knows or simply chooses to ignore. I have already started him today, incorporating what is shown here. He is highly food-motivated and bright, so hopefully he will grasp the concept quickly.

  18. I never knew that holding my dogs harness when calling her was having a positive impact on her re-call. The more you know.
    Your videos are so helpful, and I love how you say things how they are. You don’t sugar coat or over exaggerating. I’m gonna recommend you to my friends or people I know who is getting a dog.

  19. Cooper is such a sweetie, I love how Joel keeps letting him go off and play and he just prefers to be around him anyway. I can imagine that can make it kinda difficult to train some behaviors, though.

  20. Cooper: “I wanna stick with the guy who’s got the snacks and pets, darn it!”

  21. It’s a Lab….. they always go where the food is 🙂 (I have two Frenchies that are the same!)

  22. All of my dogs that I have been personally responsible for have been working dogs, specifically guide dogs. My first guide 23 years ago was a pint-size black Lab. I was a noive handler and disappointed that I got a Lab because I’d been told by others that “Labs are dumb”. I wanted a GSD. Long story short, little Filly was anything but dumb. I called her my pocket rocket. She was a lot of dog for me then, given my lack of experience and skills, yet she always did her best for me. I’ll always have a soft spot for Labs and someday, I’m gonna have another one… or two or three.

    But yes repetition and consistency are keys to success in relationship building and dog training. A wise trainer once told me: “You get from the dog what you put out. If you want a better dog, then learn to be a better human. Or rehome that dog.”

  23. @ricky7892 I’m still working with him but it certainly helps. I have found that the Halti anti-pull leash is also very helpful.

  24. @ricky7892 I also haven’t tried combining treats with the correction, which is my fault. I need to do that. But he is a former stray, a rescue, and very independently minded.

  25. I like how you showed Cooper not listening and then how you follow the process until you get the results you want. Very helpful video!👍🏽🙏

  26. @Bronson Boucher Good for you. Your dog just wants to be happy and make you happy. You are its world. I’m so glad you didn’t give up on him.
    Once people realize that pets aren’t “bad”, that they constantly communicate to us, and that we have to train ourselves to understand our pets, then it all gets better and we have less of a chance of failing our little buddies.

  27. this will help me for sure, my girl comes but doesnt stop to let me grab and runs by me time to revise come she does come every single time though with 1-3 calls deppending on noise distraction and how many other dogs are around

  28. I’m going to give this method a try. My dog isn’t really a bad dog just very playful so telling her to come becomes a game sometimes. I really enjoyed Cooper just being a good boy following you around when you clearly didn’t want him to lol. That boy wanted nothing to do with Tina.

  29. Cooper’s no dummy. He’s following the money ❤ this was incredible helpful! My dysfunctional but loveable coonhound recently passed away and although I was able to train leash train him so he wouldn’t pull and to not hunt the cat, I really struggled with recall. I’m finally ready to look for another rescue hunting dog and will definitely use this technique! ❤❤❤

  30. Going to work on this with my Alaskan Klee Kai, he is still young and loves training. My previous Siberian Huskies were DEAF and blind to the “Come” command. They always seemed to confuse “Come” with “Run!” Some breeds are more difficult for sure…

  31. I love your videos and your methods. I don’t know why but my dogs have a perfect recall. I guess it’s the first thing I work on but it would have been nice to have had your videos to do it better and sooner. I can take my dogs anywhere even in the city and they will stay next to me even without leashes. We live on a farm in the middle of 300 acres so they are running free 98% of their lives.

  32. Can we add a whistle to the recall if the owner voice we’re helping has got not a high pitch?

    May be a particular owner’s sound signal which the dog can associate with it’s owner recall?

    A cry out, a hand clap, a shu, shu, shu lips sound or smucking sound the dog can identify like a recall word?

    The owner I mentioned is a sweet old lady 👵 and she has a very low voice pitch.

  33. That is Awesome!!! They are amazing 🤩😊 Healer’s for US. Glad to have found this site. We just started today 12-29-22
    …..thank you. I am hoping to find the right video to control his … Becoming a Transformer into a BullDozer with me in tow …. He is so very strong!

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