February 4, 2023

Dog Training Tips In ‘Teenage Phase’


Educating a puppy or canine is a hard job for any person yet when they reach the teen stage it is really tough to know what to do with it and also not to make the errors everyone makes.





Right Here on Will Atherton Pooch Training we make videos concerning male's buddy so if this is your first time below do not forget to subscribe! These video clips are made as well as focused on grownups in a phase of their life to acquire or adopt a pet, we intend to aid them pick the right type and also come to be exceptional canine leaders to assist end the number of pets that end up in shelters.

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35 thoughts on “Dog Training Tips In ‘Teenage Phase’

  1. Would love to see a video of how to work with a guard dog (spesifically Doberman) through their teenage phase 🙂 loved this video, christ, I love all your videos, so keep it up! 🙂

  2. As a former owner and breeder of Doberman’s ..lots and lots of running off-leash. Plus alot of training and being set up for success. They especially need to know they’ve done a good job at tasks.
    A tired Dobe is a happy one.

  3. Great advice…. We follow you closely, with our 2 American Akitas now aged 7 months. I’ve learnt more from you than the hundreds we paid at ‘puppy classes’ 😳

  4. Hey will!
    Can you do a follow up video that touches this topic in much broader context? You said about the labs and their ability to retrieve.
    Can you explain other types of dogs and how we could use their skills on our advantage?
    Or maybe there’s something already on the web so you could send a link? Or anybody here reading this comment :).
    I have White Switzerland Shepherd 7months old.

  5. Perfectly describes the stage my daughter’s dog is going through. A sweet and social dog with good manners and on lead obedience turned into an aggressive dog attacker. 16 months old a switch flipped and I think it’s a stage she can work through, she thinks it’s permanent. I’ll have her watch this and hopefully she’ll get back on track

  6. Hi will, I adopted a dog a few months ago and your videos have helped alot to retrain him as he was 9 months old and was from an abusive home. The only issue I have now is that he tends to always be afraid to get leashed or be let out of the kennel or see me when I first get home. He always ends up peeing. Do you have any tips to help him stop this?

  7. Brilliant video Will and you must work with them and not against them to bring them through the teenage phase and if do this correctly they come out of that phase fine, Happy Christmas and New year Will.

  8. Brilliant, as always! Every dog owner should have to see this. Many use “they’re still young” as an excuse.

  9. Wonderful advice! And your tip to take it “one day at a time” is a great one especially when they are driving us nuts. I have always preferred protective breeds and learned a long time ago that the ones who push/annoy the most as teenagers always become my favorite dogs as adults. ::)

  10. The teenage stage is so much harder because you think you were ‘there’ after all this time training their puppy, and now it’s like your dog is just flipping you off… Hormones, and a much stronger dog, plus a tired owner who thought the puppy phase was the toughest makes that this is the stage where people give up. Thank you so much for this video.

  11. But 16 months would be late for the teenage phase, right? 🤔 Unless it’s some huge breed. At least I think so. But am not a professional

  12. I’m walking a local dog in his teenage phase once a week. He’s a staffie, springer cross. He’s great around other dogs off lead as long as they don’t approach. Even if he was on the lead once they’ve approached, if they don’t leave him alone he does become reactive. Is there a way I can get him to chill out, even if dogs push boundaries? I have seen this in other dogs before, where they’re super patient with other dogs and would like to get him to the same place.

  13. Most dogs I’ve met that have done “puppy classes” aren’t any better than they were before, honestly.

  14. Hello @willathertoncaninetraining and thank you so much for your videos. I have a black lab (I’m actually not sure if she’s from a work or show line) that will be one year next week and since you work a lot with labs, it is easy to relate on some issues that you show on yourr videos. I haven’t followed any course so far, because even through some difficulties, she is a brillant and very gentle dog that loves to learn, work and play.
    My main issue at this point is that she absolutely loves to hunt, she’s constantly smelling floor, in town, in forests, and so on. Obviously I don’t let that habit to prevent a loose leash, but when I try to leave her off leash, she can easily be carried away from a smell and travel 200 – 300 meters without any worry. That resonates with the fact that they become “braver” but actually she was fearless since I got her at 2 months.
    I think, from my perspective, that my main issue is that I lack of leadership towards her, she is very independant, but maybe a little too much and I would need to step up to be that leader for her.
    But maybe, I should train her tracking skills to channel this habbit on some situations ? I would love to read about your opinions or if you would have any advice to give me.
    Again thank you for your time and keep up the great work ♥

  15. Hey Dog friends! I’d love to hear some opinions on this: my husband and i are looking for a dog that’s kinda similar to a golden retriever/lab in terms of kindness, activity and beeing good with kids. We would want a dog that could go on runs or bike rides with us like 3 times a week, yet not go crazy when we miss it Sometimes (that’s why I’d be scared to take a hunting dog). Ideally, the dog might like to swim.

    Both of us prefer stronger dogs like Amstaffs to Goldies, especially because I want some intimidation factor when running alone in the forest.
    Yet I don’t want a classical guard dog because we don’t have lots of experience. We’ve kept our eye on Swiss Mountain Dogs but I feel like they’re too heavy to run. Any ideas?

  16. You gave a perfect example on how to use the retrievers’ natural drive with a tennis ball. Any specific tips in regard to using a guard dog’s natural instinct (I have a Cane Corso teenager who has done brilliantly up till now and all of sudden he is starting to not be interested in anything when certain people or dog’s approach because well, of course, he is guarding). I did your perfect puppy course and I do lots of work with him and continuing to touch up on all areas. Just always eager to learn more if u have any other ways of how to let him tap into that natural guard instinct in more healthy way I guess..

  17. This is the video i was waiting for!
    Thanks for paying attention for things like that that nobody talks about ♥️

  18. Good for you Jen!! tough age……dont forget the rules are the rules are the rules….be fair and punish/correct when needed. Its common what your going through, but teach him you are the captain, there is no need for him to do that. Good work!

  19. @kingdomk9trainingacademyab171  thank you for the encouragement.. some days feel tough and I feel I’m failing. But it’s nice to hear it’s not just me dealing with this. Overall we have achieved alot and he really is a good boy. Like you said, just need to stay on it and continue to set those boundaries!! Appreciate the encouragement and advice 🙏

  20. I’m so glad I found this channel. I have a one year old GSD and he drives me nuts some days. Other days he does fine. This channel has definitely opened my eyes on how I’m messing up. He is my first dog on my own so it’s been a huge learning experience for both of us

  21. @jen edmonds Your welcome…..training a real working dog is filled with peaks and valleys! enjoy the process and journey, Keep trucking away and be FUN!

  22. Good call. I have an English Setter, who is used for bird hunting, but not so big on retrieving

  23. Anon z

    Good to hear this encouraging post. I have two male intact 11 month old mastiffs

    Mom half bullmastiff half English mastiff and the dad pure English mastiff

    They went bonkers the last couple weeks especially the one who seems to be showing more dominance

    Hormones out of control and doing things they never did. The one is trying to mount my daughters my son my wife and all our other dogs (we live on an acreage)

    I got them to have more of a guardian breed for the property and family

    The one is even showing what looks like aggression as the video said

    When they are chill they are amazing and lovely liek they have been for the last ten months so I’m hoping they grow out of this band we can train them properly

    I’m not looking for perfect as they don’t get a lot of outside exposure due to our location. But solid basic manners and control is mandatory

  24. great video! beautiful camera work and editing. Can’t believe I wasn’t subscribed before! Subscribing NOW!

  25. Yup. Very much yes. I have a hunting lab/show Golden mix, as a service dog in training and he’s 14 months now. Just started puberty. He’s extremely high drive (which I wanted, not only for his service dog career but also because I do lots of dog sport with him.) He has three major issues with his hormones, but overall his obedience is stellar, he’s incredibly calm on the job and an absolute havock during free time. He leaves almost every GSD or Hova in our club in his shadow when it comes to drive, speed and perfomance. In his freetime he’s very hectic on walks atm, very socially and sexually motivated, constantly in a rush, BUT obviously trying to be focused and obedient and follows every command. His self-control is amazing and I know when to use management to make his life easier.

  26. I needed this 😂, my 13 month old pup needed it too 😭. I’d love more teenage pup videos

  27. How long does it last? I keep hearing different thing. Some say one and a half years, some a couple months. The overview for my breed said month 7-10 was challenge mode. But I have no idea what is accurate.

    Also wondering if it’s possible mine went into it at 5,5 months. He started lifting his legs then, and is at times challenging, but think that’s just him not having learned something properly yet.

    He’s 6,5 months now. Still nothing as bad as when he was 3-4 months.

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