February 4, 2023

6 Dog Training Exercises You Should Do EVERY DAY Starting NOW!


Educating your dog everyday is critical to have a fantastic pet that you can take almost everywhere with you yet there are some things that you ought to 100% be instructing your dog day-to-day!





Below on Will Atherton Canine Educating we make videos concerning male's buddy so if this is your very first time here don't forget to subscribe! These videos are made and aimed at adults in a phase of their life to purchase or take on a dog, we wish to assist them pick the best type and come to be outstanding canine leaders to assist end the variety of pet dogs that end up in sanctuaries.

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27 thoughts on “6 Dog Training Exercises You Should Do EVERY DAY Starting NOW!

  1. My daughter has done your perfect puppy course, and SIT is so good as the dog is not perfect yet. So if dog gets distracted she just tells dog to SIT, and dog calms down.

  2. Our dogs look to us for guidance and direction and we look to Will for guidance and direction. He’s just the best behaviorist you will find. By way of Will’s instruction, I have taught my Pitt/cattle dog to heel and he does it beautifully, and his recall is excellent without distractions. Working up to the next step. Thanks Will.

  3. One of your videos came up as a suggested video, and I’ve been binge watching ALL of them. Though I’ve completed the k9ti training program and continue to work on all of those commands and skills, my 9-month old 60# bernedoodle pulls on walks and has become very reactive to other dogs who constantly lunge and bark at him. It injured my should since he’s so big. So three days ago, I bought a slip leash and implemented your major relationship/training styles and commands, and BOOM 💥🤯 LIFE CHANGING WILL!!! Eye contact, looking for direction, heeling almost perfectly, recall has improved by leaps and bounds, indoor listening improved. FANTASTIC

  4. You always make it looks so easy and you seem to have instant success. With my Dutch Shepherd it is like Bill Murray’s ground hog day eevery day.😳😵‍💫🙀

  5. My dog sits reliably. He stays well. He “leaves it” reliably. He now walks on a loose leash (used to pull terribly). He knows his left paw from his right paw. He will take a bow, lay down, speak and say I Love You on command. He “comes” when there is zero distraction. Otherwise, he literally will refuse eye contact and become stubborn. How do I change that behavior?

  6. Hey, I’ve got a question. I have a border collie who’s perfectly fine and sweet, but if he hears a higher pitch voice from someone he doesn’t know, like a random person using baby talk or something, he goes absolutely insane- like we have to grab him or we fear he will attack. Got any ideas on what’s going on here, or how to stop it?

  7. Really like the way you give info. Clear, concise, and to the point. This is a great way to lead people into the beginnings of training but not overwhelm them.

  8. Nine months ago, I acquired a re-homed 5 yr. old Standard Frenchie, who I was told was fully trained. Well, it’s been an experience. This video about the basics in dog training, is so helpful. I need to reinforce several of your training tips: *leave it, *recall, *loose-lead walking. Sit and stay she has down pretty well, although, I live in a rural area, and sometimes birds & squirrels distract her, which shows she may need reinforcement in those areas too. Love all your brilliant videos, Will. Well done!

  9. Just make sure you keep up with it almost every day. We got too comfortable with our 1 year old dog, and we’ve had to back track because we were like, “oh, he learned it!”

  10. @Matthew Claude definitely. I’ve kept up several times daily with trainings and am very strict, but adding these things (which I’ll continue to do daily) have been life changing (for me and our dog!!)

  11. I started training my a year old black lab two months ago and now he can perform all these commands. A large part of our success is due to your channel! Thanks for all your help, Will!

  12. What do I do to help keep my family’s dogs from fighting each other? They’re both jealous dogs and try to get love from the same person at the same time or try to take each others food and it causes them to snap on each other and it’s pretty bad fights. They’re both mini Australian shepherds and one is 4 and the other is 3 I believe

  13. A TIRED DOG, IS A HAPPY DOG, best advice you gave out , walking , playing , training & routines …. BEST ADVICE you gave , to a new owner as I am …. Thank you so much 👍🏽

  14. Ha new to your channel. I was browsing YouTube and saw a video about not pulling on leash, my dog is good at that but could be better, so I put it on… My dog heard you talking to the dog in the video and instantly became very interested. He watched the whole video with me! I figured hey, I better subscribe to this guy! Then we watched this one, when I put it on he sat right when your said sit, and continued to watch with me ha ha ha cracked me up.

  15. Just found the channel. I like what I see and agree with your techniques.
    Well-balanced training.

  16. Hi mate, how did you manage to get him to do these without breaking ? I’ve thought my new Golden Doodle pup to sit and a few other important things from Wills instruction but the one thing I can’t get him to do is it consistently listen to me when there is other distraction

  17. @Chris Gleeson Flood Turn the distraction into a motivator for reward. I adopted a cattle dog/ Pit bull mix and he was over-reactive to everything especially squirrels. Every time he saw a squirrel I would pull him away (correct him) and in a strong voice I would say “YES”. Eventually, he learned that squirrel meant “YES” and “YES” meant reward. Eventually, (you have to be patient) he connected the squirrel with a reward and he just started turning toward me whenever he saw a squirrel. The reward has to be very High Value ( I used beef) so that he was more motivated for the reward than the squirrel. It took about 3 weeks to a month to accomplish but it was so very worth it. Good luck!

  18. Which slip lead do you use? The slips leads I have tried, all seem to loosen and slip back down the neck after a while. Thanks

  19. I am sooooo obsessed with this man and quote him to my friends all the time. They’re sick of me!! 😂😂😂

  20. Any advice on dealing with newly born pups? Our dog just gave birth and she doesn’t seem to like it when we get too close to the litter

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