February 4, 2023

3 Dog Training Exercises You Should Do EVERY DAY At Home!


Training your dog daily is so vital. It will certainly assist you have a much better behaved pet dog and for that reason will certainly make sure you have the ability to take your dog anywhere with you as your pet will certainly have great good manners and obedience.





Below on Will Atherton Dog Educating we make video clips regarding male's friend so if this is your very first time here do not neglect to subscribe! These video clips are made and also targeted at adults in a phase of their life to purchase or adopt a pet, we wish to assist them pick the appropriate breed and end up being outstanding canine leaders to assist end the number of pets that end up in shelters.

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30 thoughts on “3 Dog Training Exercises You Should Do EVERY DAY At Home!

  1. Will, you are the best at what you do. I have been employing your methods with my rescue cattle dog for 2 mos. and the change has been extraordinary. He went from being a reactive, frightened dog, to a dog that is much less reactive and much less frightened. He’s turning into just a beautiful companion who is a pleasure to spend time with. Thank you so much.

  2. Could watch Will Atherton ALL day! Would love to see his tips for those of us that own smaller breeds (20 lbs or less). They can be incredibly stubborn while also being oh so sensitive. It’s hard to find advice for smaller pups.

  3. Will, you are the best. Thank you.
    I am deeply passionate about canine behavior and training and your approach has helped me daily with my new rescue deerhound lurcher. He is settling amazingly with my cats, He is looking up to me for guidance and direction, he is incredibly appreciative of the life we are giving him and we can tell.
    I work in a rescue and have started spending any of my free time (of which there isn’t much) teaching dogs with behavioral problems to look up for guidance and direction.
    Spending extra time socialising dogs that are fearful and teaching one German Shepard in particular to walk on the lead properly. This poor German shepherd has such bad anxiety she had to have her tail docked because she wes chewing it off.
    She is slowly but surely starting to relax in her mannerisms through repeated mental stimulation with me on weekends.

  4. Will, could you please offer a video on dogs who whine in the car. I can record mine if you need a sample. He is a great dog; I would love to incorporate trips, etc… into my life with my dog, but he whines like a 88 pound canary, making it very hard to drive.

  5. Wills accent is so awesome. I start talking like him when I talk to my GEEEERRRRMAN shepHOOD.

  6. Glad I watched this again, I haven’t been making him sit before he eats, he won’t sit, going to have him checked out, he has problems already, my Staffie isn’t 2 years old yet!! That’s why I am having all of these’s problems, not walking him right! I live on dead end street, I need to make walk more structured!! Wish me luck, that it isn’t real bad what’s wrong with him, I have seen the list of what they can have!!! He sometimes can’t make it up steps, he favorite’s right back leg, but he can run like Greyhound, I am very confused!!!!❤️❤️🐶🎄

  7. My advice..don’t baby them.Always talk with calm, confident voice. When we talk to them like babies, they think we are being submissive, sucking up to their dominance, and they don’t know what to do other than go crazy. In their hearts, they want to know someone else is in charge, so they can’t relax. Tiny dogs who are treated as babies are terrified to be the dog in charge. They are small, and they know it. You just create a terrified animal, never able to truly relax.

    Sorry for the long reply. But it needed to be said.

    Now if I can just get my male shepherd to relinquish his crown.😂

  8. I’m a professional dog trainer in New Hampshire (U.S.A.), I couldn’t have said it better. That’s exactly what I tell my clients. Training never stops!

  9. Your yard is awesome, our local dog park isnt even this large😄
    I think my dog would love climbing those obstacled

  10. It’s a problem 🤣 I now give a warning “Hey, slow” in that accent as well as “Leeeave it” 🤣 my family is like what the heck

  11. This is really good (have a 4 month old lab puppy). She’s fed the same three times a day but I definately need to get her to earn it a bit more and ignore her a bit when she is being needy.

  12. I take time with each of my dogs alone to train and walk them, but when i walk the five of them it is very hard to keep them from pulling sometimes

  13. I love that bit about ignoring- my dogs happily wag their tails when I get home but they never crowd my space let alone jump up, and I attribute that to always ignoring them the first couple of minutes I get through the door or get up in the morning

  14. So the first point worked really well for awhile. He was very excited about his food, and he would sit down, wait and look at me until I gave him hid release word to eat his food. We still do that, but when I release him… He doesn’t care about it anymore. He doesn’t go for the food.

  15. My pups (cane corso) biggest problem at the moment is gulping his food any advice is welcome, I use a slow bowl but really doesn’t help much HELP !!!

  16. I got my dog a bite rag, hes not very toy motivated but for some reason loves this particular style of tug toy. I carry it with me at all times so every opportunity to train can be capitalized on.
    He only gets fed through training, the food that I would normally put in his bowel to eat now gets fed to him as we work. He has to train to be fed which has increased his motivation to work for his food 10 fold.

  17. Snap, I have two 10 month old cocker spaniels (brother and sister). She is amazing on her own but when they are walked together, she pulls all the time. He pulls all the time even on his own and I have tried the “lets go” and turned in a direction away from her and he will look up at me when we walk away but as soon as I turn in the direction she went, he pulls again. In dog training he was great but in the open air and on a community field he pulls.

  18. I agree with you. He does tend to like large dogs and anytime he mentions favorite breeds, etc., they are always larger dogs.

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