December 3, 2022

STOP Your Dog From Barking Indoors – Complete Guide


If you have a dog who likes to bark when they're inside, then this video is exactly what you require to change that habits. In this total guide to stop your dog from barking indoors, we'll speak about a couple of different circumstances that might trigger your pet to bark, and the kind of barking you might obtain from your canine!

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00:00 Your Total Guide To Stop Dog Barking Indoors
00:59 Do You Have A Bored Barker?
02:08 Utilizing Rewards To Distract Your Bored Barker
02:34 Bored Barker Dog Educating Errors
03:33 Exactly how To Help Your Bored Barker To Quit!
05:03 Do You Have A BACK-OFF Barker?
06:41 Making Use Of Good Leadership To Stop Pet Barking
07:27 Ought to I Fix A Back-Off Barker
09:38 Do You Have Buddy Barker?
10:48 Training For Your Pal Barker
12:12 "Suppose You CAN'T Monitor Your Pet dog?"

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21 thoughts on “STOP Your Dog From Barking Indoors – Complete Guide

  1. Note to self, watch this video more than once! Then, implement it! Thank you Carole! I hope your peeping Tom was caught.😂♥️♥️

  2. Great video! So helpful! Love the way you broke down the different kinds of barking to help us be more specific in our detection and in our training.

  3. Thanks so much for this video. It has helped me realise my dog has a mix of 2 barker types, bored and the scared barker. This has helped identify how I need to behave to help her. I think all the explanations on what we do and what the dogs point of view is to our reactions, was super helpful. Thank you.

  4. Great tips super helpful and practical! Thanks so much! The trainer was really easy to understand and broke it down in helpful easy to understand ways.

  5. Great explanations! So many times it’s hard to see the problem thru the symptoms, you really do a great job keeping it simple.

  6. I 100% learned so much from this where I’ve been trying to find solutions to how to address WHY they’re barking and I loved this.

  7. This is seriously amazing. Such simple explanation and correction. Thank you so much!

  8. I’m a “dog trainer in-training” as it were… and just wanted to say thanks for all the explanations to folks about why the dog’s barking and why things haven’t worked! I wish more people would take more care to find out why dogs do the things they do… it’s not only interesting but makes the solution more effective and fair. 😍💗🐾🐾

  9. anybody else ironically trying to silence their dog while you watch this video and they hear the dogs barking?? hahaha
    thanks for the tips, McCann! really appreciate this channel!!

  10. OMG! Instructor Carol, this is amazing. It seems to be working right away. I have 2 young border collies and their barking has been a big issue. I have been trying but have accidentally reinforced it in some of the ways you describe. I thank you. My neighbors thank you.

  11. Thanks! I’m totally new to dogs, recently adopted an adult from the Shelter, and I’m learning so much from your videos. We’ll be ready for Obedience Training at this rate. 🙂

  12. Thank you!!! We got a precious little rescue doxie mix last week whose barking was out of control. Even someone standing up set off relentless barking. I tried very unsuccessfully to stop if. Then I watched your video and saw myself on every “what not to do.”

    I used your “isolate” technique today right after watching your video. I would remove him from the room for about 15-30 seconds and then welcome him back into the room. I had to do that 4 times and now he is chilled out in my arms even with the neighbors working in their yard.

    Thank you!!! Other than barking, he has been the best little guy. Now he’s pretty perfect.

  13. So comprehensive! Thank you Instructor Carol. Two times I never use treats – for barking even getting them to speak on command (the bark is the reward) and at the door (reward is going in/out of the door).

  14. Wow! For the first time someone has given me a full understanding of the bark types and solutions that don’t involve treats. I’ve been saying quiet and rewarding, comforting, and nothing has worked for our 11 month old Frenchie. She’s a back off AND buddy barker. Can’t wait to try your techniques first thing tomorrow! I’ll report back! Thank you!

  15. This is so incredibly helpful and you break things down so well! I have a back off barker in my hands thank you. Could you please do a video on how to deal with it when outdoors too ? I’m going to put this into practice x

  16. Best advice I’ve heard about stopping your dog from barking. I will do this repeatedly & hopefully it eventually works. Will get back with my results 🤞🏻.

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