December 3, 2022

How Military Dogs Are Trained | Boot Camp | Business Insider


We got a within consider exactly how military working dogs are trained at Lackland Flying force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Functioning canines are utilized by every branch of the United States armed forces for discovery as well as patrol objectives, and also there have to do with 1,600 serving today. The United States Flying force's 341st Training Armada is accountable for training both military working canines as well as handlers.

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How Military Dogs Are Trained|Bootcamp|Business Insider

68 thoughts on “How Military Dogs Are Trained | Boot Camp | Business Insider

  1. These dogs are such incredible creatures. To think how much goes into them is just mind boggling.

  2. My uncle used to work with the police and got my family a dog that failed the tests near the end.

    Tell you what, that dog was probably one of the best dogs I ever had as a pet. I would always use him as the yardstick to measure against (unfairly). He was highly intelligent and I swore knew English commands more than he left on.

    I wouldn’t mind getting another one regardless of a pass or failure. These pets deserve our respect and our natural responsibility to take care of them since they give us so much.

    Probably why I love German Shepherds so much. 😀🐕 But my Alaskan malamute and part wolf was a very close second tbh but that dog was surprisingly strong as hell. Both in bite and dragging you around. Especially when she used her hind legs to pull you when she was excited. 😆

  3. I have a Belgian Malinois whose been through some specified training. This is what they are bred to do. They are absolutely magnificent animals. I love my Maligator

  4. What I always found interesting was in some situations a person with a gun, eh no big deal! The dog snarling and barking at you, almost instant compliance! Mad respect to the dogs, handlers, and trainers. It is incredible watching them in action.

  5. I’ve had the privilege of talking to a K9 handler from the Singapore Army Military Police formation. I found it really interesting that despite all the differences between military and civilian dogs, there’s a lot of similarity in terms of training and conditioning. I found it quite ironic that their dogs are trained to be aggressive and territorial while those are exactly the opposite behaviors I trained my dog on. He’d be working as a therapy dog soon which is the polar opposite of a MWD. Still, they’re both dogs who love attention, playtimes and treats

  6. I raised a Belgian Mal, we got him when he was a sick lil pup, so he didn’t do much. He’d cuddle with me 24/7 and only take meds from me. I’d hang out outside a lot of times and so he drew the connection that he should go outside to go potty. Very smart little guy, as he got older we just got closer but he always knew what I was thinking, so we’d even wrestle sometimes, spontaneously for no reason at all. I’d be like “wanna fight” lmao. We’d wrestle for 7 to 8 hours sometimes. German sheps don’t have the energy for that, which, is probably a very good thing lmao. I miss the lil guy because I left home for the army. Funnily enough though when I call home, he takes my parent’s phone. Like, the phone he hears me from. It’s hilarious

  7. My brother was a US Federal Police his German Shepherd was named “Tonka” he served 8 years protecting president Bush & Obama. One of the few times they were at home from traveling he got out of his compound and instead of running up and down the street like a untrained dog he went to my brothers front porch and started guarding the house. His neighbor was afraid to come out of her house. She called my brother and told him Tonka was loose and on his porch. RIP Tonka he was really a beauty and a top soldier. He retired and passed away at 14 yrs old.

  8. @Oblivion Nice, I haven’t been able to get the backbone to get another yet. It’s hard to get another knowing they don’t live long enough (imo)

  9. I got a puppy that got disqualified at 7 weeks old because he would attack his siblings. They thought he was overly aggressive, the breeder even considered putting him down. Since I had a lot of experience I took on the task. He turned out amazing and we’ve competed in Schutzhund.

  10. Best job I ever had. I remember telling another K9 Handler during a bite work demo, “I can’t believe we get paid to do this!”

  11. I miss being in! My second tour in Iraq I worked with some South AWESOME South African dog handlers who were contracted to do “stuff” lol they taught me so much in 2005 that I was able to build a solid foundation of knowledge and training to eventually be able to my own service dog. So cool to see what they taught me in action! Great video!

  12. Can we take a moment to appreciate the narrator’s flawless voice? I absolutely love it. Not too deep, but powerful enough to grab your attention

  13. @Michelle Obama foot cream Definitely would be, but being shot is more lethal.

  14. I have adopted my GSDs through the pound and have always adopted older dogs because puppies always get homes but the older dogs don’t. Some of my dogs have come from abuse and neglect but as long as they have that beautiful shepherd heart, they become family. These working dogs are what my dogs could have been if they had been trained from a young age. It is wonderful to see.

  15. Can we take a moment to appreciate the air in this video? I absolutely love it. Not too humid, but fresh enough to let you breathe.

  16. Mind boggling? It’s just breeding and training, like every other working dog. Not exactly difficult to grasp

  17. Cause most people would honestly rather get shot than torn apart by a dog.

  18. One of my biggest regrets was not realizing this was an option when I joined the Air Force. I’ve had Malinois for decades now and I can’t imagine getting paid to work with them every day, it would have easily resulted in me doing a full 20 years.

  19. I miss being in too,Raul,did 4 yrs US Navy & 7 yrs US Army and did 4 deployments to Iraq with the Texas National Guard ( I volunteered for all 4 tours ) in an infantry unit at Camp TQ ( mid 2004/2005 ) it was still hot and popping in Iraq. Camp TQ was a marine fob,my battalion fell under their authority and they never let us forget either. LOL. Some times we did joint ops with them. Our brigade went to Tilan,Iraq. Saw plenty of action,but,that’s what I was there for. Also did 2 deployments back-to-back. i was still PISSED about 9-11,that’s what FUELLED my FIRE !!! Wanted some PAYBACK for attacking our country. And I wanted to do something challenging and dangerous.I problably would’ve done 3 deployments in a row,but on my 2nd tour I got hurt real bad,had to be flown to Ramstein Air Force hospitol in Germany for my wounds. I was there for 3 months,I got there for October-fest. Had never been to Germany,I was SHOCKED at seeing German kids drinking alcohol in the pubs,much less being in adult pubs.I stayed at the Kyle barracks in Germany.I could tell you about my treatment once returning to the states at Ft Hoo,Tx ( we did our 3 month train-up there ) but this thread is long enough already. SEMPER-FI.

  20. the thought of fighting animals like cats,snake(bites) generates a visceral response in even the hardened crininals

  21. I remember back 20yrs ago I was arrested for driving without a license. My luck it was a K-9 unit that made the stop. The officer had me sit in the back with the dog. I was scared straight. I didn’t move a muscle, not even to blink. But that’s where the love for dogs started 🤣🦮✊🏾✌🏾💯

  22. @Kamo K9 is an acronym. It’s shorter for us lazy ppl than writing police canine, military working dog and explaining that they’re dogs specifically trained to assist members of law enforcement and military.

  23. My dad use to be in the air force, he went through 4 dogs. 3 of them got pulled from him to another handler. He got mad each time, but had no choice but to let them go. He told me some good stories about these dogs. One time they where showing kids the dogs, when my dads dog at the time was acting weird from the heat, it was hot. When the dog latched onto my dads arm, not letting go. My dad was mad because the guy with protected dog armor didnt step in, so he struggled geting his jaw open. He still had the dog for a few mounths until he passed. That’s the one of the three that didnt get pulled to another unit. He says he misses the dogs, but doesnt miss the heat, along with trying to control a dog.

  24. Interesting. Normally I don’t mind any narrations but when this clip started I thought ‘ah the deliberate sounding American TV voice’
    (Which I find kinda annoying due to its use as an over-dramatistion tool in other shows. They don’t over-dramatise in this though).

  25. Yup when I heard aggressiveness my Mind went straight to the American Pitbull Terrier. Aggressive, loyal, and a super high work ethic. I have actually seen a short clip of a special forces soldier with a American Pitbull terrier in combat, at least it looked like one.

  26. @MsLouisez I get what you mean, its annoying if they add jumpy music and sound effects.

  27. Awesome. The sad thing is many people who turn over dogs like the ones you adopt is because they didn’t do the research, and aside from the fact that they had no idea on how to properly train and care for a dog, they aren’t able to live with a dog bred to work such as a working line German shepherd. I have one (have had four actually) and I get lots of comments like: “I want a dog like that. ”
    And I’m like: “no you don’t, not unless you are willing to devote a lot of time and energy in into being with this dog and giving him a job.”
    It’s heartbreaking for me to encounter so many gorgeous dogs with owners who are clearly incompetent, and those dogs never reach their full potential because they aren’t with the appropriate human.

    And yeah, puppies… Every person and their grandmother wants one. At least they do initially until they realize just how much work goes into The proper raising in training that will make the puppy be the best dog possible. People still haven’t figured out that to get their “dream dog “, they have to work there behind’s off. Were that the case, pounds in shelters and rescue groups wouldn’t exist. They shouldn’t exist. HUMANS!

  28. I deployed with two of them in Afghanistan 2011-2012 and they are such great motivation boosters and amazing at what they do.

  29. I met a K9 handler once and he was a chill guy to talk too about his job

  30. These are amazing dogs! The dedication shown by the trainers & the dedication of the dogs to their tasks gave me chills. I would be so proud to work with military / police dogs. Of course we lose some of these heroes when they are deployed, but they would give their lives to save their handlers every day of the week. Dogs are just the best!

  31. @SlimTimGBN I don’t think so. I would start with the Kennel Master and trainer at your base and go from there. Back in my day it was super competitive. Not anyone could do it. I had to clean kennels and drop pans for six months before I was ever allowed to put on a sleeve and decoy.

  32. @Jesse Tames i’m pretty jealous of US handlers. You guys get the best of the bunch(dogs). While we love all the dogs we get, most of them have some kind of issue, could be a skin issue, dietery issue, behavioural issue etc while the US usually gets the best ones from the breeders

  33. @d E We have an entire team of veterinarians and techs that medically screen the dogs for all kinds of injuries, illness and diseases. Then a team of Handlers evaluates the dogs to determine if they have the needed behaviors to be a working dog.

  34. @Jesse Tames yep, that’s because you guys got a huge budget. So the best dogs from the breeders, then the best of those selected few. When I was a handler, I had to get a lot of replacement equipment out of my own pocket due to budget reasons

  35. @Chase Salkey Please explain that to every idiot that buys a Husky because they are cute ! 😮‍💨

  36. @Gardenia Brune Thank you for recognizing my service,Gardenia,it was an HONOR to serve. SEMPER-Fi

  37. My brother loved it too, he felt so lucky that he managed to get sorted into that role in the Air Force. He was pretty bummed when he ranked out of the role. But he took his K9s with him to the Middle East and they lived long, full, healthy and fulfilled lived.

  38. My bro was deployed much earlier in the conflict but had the same experience as you. They increased morale and brought a sense of happiness to the base.

  39. Having a DDR working line shepherd has been one of the most rewarding experiences. These dogs are the most intelligent I’ve ever come in contact with and you can really see how much time has been put into breeding these specific traits into them.

  40. Completely genuine question for you, no disrespect whatsoever, but I’ve been volunteering with shelters for 15 years or so and the sheer number of young GSD that are euthanized every day is mind blowing. Are rescues ever used for these military jobs? The majority of them are surrendered because people buy them as pups and expect them to be couch potatoes, when in reality they have that strong drive to work and please.
    Just something I’ve been curious about for a while now. 🐕‍🦺🐾

  41. @Khanh HM Yeah, it’s really sad. I’ve been volunteering for a long time, and the number of GSD’s in the shelters is the highest I’ve seen yet. I went a few days ago and I’d say half of the entire shelter population was just GSD and huskies.

  42. I’ve been thinking about joining the military heavy the past few months and have been working on my physical health to gain muscle and get into shape to join and work on the mentality to join as well and this is the number one thing I want to eventually get to do when I go in. I’ve always had so much respect for soldiers and our military and mostly for the K9s who are considered soldiers too. Dogs are the absolute best and hopefully someday I get to be a K9 handler as well🥺🖤😭

  43. @Haley Elizabeth i’m sorry, this is a super late response.

    That makes me super sad! Shepherds, and huskies are two of my favorite breeds. It really is heartbreaking when I see people falling in love for their looks, but they don’t bother to do any more research, they get one, and then realize that they are not competent enough to meet the dog’s needs. The dog then gets dumped. I wish I could find homes for every single one of them. And not just any home, but the appropriate home.
    I have all the respect for you for doing what you do. I have volunteered for rescues, but not for shelters. Rescues have their own drama… Mostly with the humans!

  44. Malinois are intense breed Not for everybody. Plus they don’t much power in their bite compared to german shepherd.

  45. i have one too,it’s expensive to train him in my country. what a shame he would literally be a beast

  46. Well mine is a little arshole I got from the shelter but he’s getting much better and I love him!

  47. @BlaznSkais lol it depends really.. you can be shot in ALLOT of places with some super painful but small rounds before dying & it’ll probably be just as bad as being mauled by a dog🤷 you’ve at least got a chance to fight a dog off you! Nobody’s ever outran or fought off a bullet lol

  48. @user most puppies that dont make it are put up for adoption. You can apply to adopt them yourself.

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