December 3, 2022

Your Complete First Week Puppy Training Plan


Pup training can begin the very first week that your young puppy returns. In this video clip, Trainer Lauren will reveal you 5 things to service for your first-week young puppy training strategy. This training plan will certainly include, abilities training, puppy potty training, puppy pet crate training, and also every little thing you'll need to make the initial week house with your new puppy as hassle-free as it can be. This video is made especially for new young puppy owners. But if you've simply welcomed an adult dog right into your home, some of these very same workouts will use!

Every brand-new young puppy owner requires a great schedule. This will certainly help:

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You need to have a look at the video clip that we JUST Published:

00:00 Your Complete First Week Puppy Training Plan
01:06 Puppy Monitoring & Training
01:50 Young Puppy Educating House-line
02:44 Teaching Your Young Puppy To Take Food Delicately
04:01 What If They're Too Rough?
04:51 Provide The Award Quickly
05:34 Showing Your Puppy To Follow Food
06:36 Teach Your Puppy To Rest, Rest and also Stand
07:39 Young Puppy Potty Training
09:46 Be Proactive With Your Puppy Potty Training
10:37 Teach Your Puppy Their Name
12:11 Teaching A Puppy Recall
13:00 Puppy Pet Crate Training First Week
14:55 Feed Your Young Puppy Their Dish In The Pet crate
15:47 Suitable Toys ONLY In The Puppy Crate
16:41 Young Puppy Pet Crate Size
17:25 Puppy Dog Crate Training Area
18:40 Pup Training Set Up By Age

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37 thoughts on “Your Complete First Week Puppy Training Plan

  1. I am bringing my first puppy home in about a week and a half, this came at the perfect time! 😄

  2. Thank you for this! We bring our new puppy home in a little over a week. I’ve been watching lots of your videos and this one by far has been the most helpful!❤️

  3. Two full days with my new 3 month old pup. He’s doing well with crate training , potting training and name ! He’s doing so well! You guys have been a huge help!

  4. Thanks for these videos! Very clear and concise. Our first pup in 15 years may be coming home tomorrow!

  5. I feel like if your afraid or worried the first time you bring home a pet, your going to be a great owner

  6. I taught my puppy Appa how to sit already, and she was having trouble with biting so this really helped!! thanks I think she’s on her 4th day with me so we’re starting a little late into the week but better now than never 🙂

  7. I have taught my puppy “sit” & how to not bite while taking food from me…. This trainer is just awesome… I just love how she explains every action in detail… Want to see more of her training videos please 🙏🏻

  8. Such a great & informative video, especially the leash in the house lesson — never knew that. I am planning ahead of time to learn as much as I can before I adopt our new life-long family member. I want our lil’ puppy to be as comfortable as possible and I want him to feel love as soon as he’s in our arms. But before all that, I must be well trained myself!

  9. This is the most comprehensive training video I’ve seen online. Thanks for sharing info with those that can’t be there (in-person) to train.

  10. This is the best guide! I wish this was available for my 2 year old. An awesome refresher so I can be better prepared for our new pup next week!

  11. One of the things I really appreciate about your videos is that you show your training in someone’s house, not a training facility or a separate training space. Me and my pup live in the real world. Thanks!

  12. Thank you so much for the crucial training hints. How many treats ( pieces) at the time or per training session you can give them. Looks like you are giving him a lot of treats. Also how many minutes, hours per day, or sessions per day I need to dedicate to training? Especially the first a couple of weeks? Thank you so much

  13. Picked up my 9 week old puppy last Sunday. I’ve had 4 children, but was so nervous 😬
    I’ve been working on her sitting for treats and we are there already !
    She already plays fetch aswell 🤗
    Working on stopping her scratching with those little sharp claws..when we pick her up she tends to get excited and claw at your chin area a bit.
    Trying to get her to know her name at the minute.
    Haven’t got very far with crate training, and wanted to ask if it’s ok to put a puppy pad at the entrance of the crate?

  14. This is gold thanks so much for the info and time it took to do this
    Very clear instructions
    We get our first ever puppy in 11 days I’m very nervous this is helping
    Thank you

  15. just need advice, i have never bought pet even once, so I do not have much experience, but I love them.
    So should I get male or female puppy and why?

    And which one should I, lab or golden retriever or GSD or pom?
    not husky even if I like him, bcs probably I do not have experience for him

  16. What the heck my 7 week old pup literally screams when in the crate for 2 seconds like it was too damn crazy to keep him there all night how did you get him to like it with the door CLOSED?😭😭😭

  17. Fantastic video, thank you. My 8 week old Labrador puppy came home today. Your tips are so useful even though I’ve had Labrador puppies in the past, I appreciate your guidance. Marion from Scotland x

  18. I have the opposite. I have a lazy puppy that doesn’t seem to do anything but sleep. I read that this is common, however.

  19. @Venus Cole you have to let the crate open all day and let him or her out, you can also try to give treats once he or she is in the crate let him or her to have a nap in the crate let him get used to it and by 2nd day you won’t hear no more cry .. Goodluck

  20. I’m bringing my little girl home in a couple weeks and I’m really nervous and excited rn

  21. I really like this video, you demonstrate it all so well. I am getting my female min-pin puppy Oct 15 so I am getting ready, watching as many videos as I can. I have 3 neutered male dogs already (14y cocker, 14y doxie and 7y min-pin. I got my current min-pin as a puppy so I went through it all 7 years ago, but I forgot it all, so I have to remind myself.

  22. It is best to be confident and concise. Your dog needs you to be the leader. That way he will learn well. I think I understand why you said that; some people are overly harsh/ mean/ impatient. One extreme or the other is not good.

  23. This made me feel so much better aha, my puppy comes home Saturday, I’m so nervous!! ❤

  24. My wife and I slept with our new dog in the living room because we were scared she would be. Hasn’t even been 24 hours yet and I won’t take my eyes off her.

  25. Bringing my new 8 week old lab, Gigi, home on Nov 6. Will definitely follow this training schedule. Thank you!

  26. This video is amazing! Bringing are presa home next week with the breed type they need a lot of training and direct instruction at all time so this video is great to give more information!

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