December 3, 2022

5 Dog Training Exercises You Should Do EVERY DAY At Home!


Educating your dog needs to be a top priority, offering your pet dog rules and borders is so key to having an effective partnership with your canine where they consider you as their leader. Doing these clear workouts with your dog will certainly see to it that they are content and offer you a perfect canine companion.

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Below on The Will Atherton Canine Educating we make video clips about male's buddy so if this is your very first time here don't forget to subscribe! These videos are made as well as aimed at grownups in a stage of their life to acquire or embrace a pet dog, we wish to help them select the best type and become outstanding canine leaders to aid finish the number of pet dogs that end up in sanctuaries.

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30 thoughts on “5 Dog Training Exercises You Should Do EVERY DAY At Home!

  1. Really appreciate your insights and reminders! I have a 15 month old German Shepherd who has had extensive training and is my service dog. To this day, I try to stick to the basics (especially thresholds!).

  2. I really appreciate how in depth you go with everything. I got a 4 month old cane corso and we’re following your lead in steps through training. She’s doing so well already even at so young.

  3. What a great lesson! Especially the threshold training. That is my biggest fail with all my dogs. It is something I need to practice religiously and perfect. Thank you, Will! I needed these reminders today.

  4. Hi Will!

    I deeply admire your work and thank you so much for the love you have for these wonderful dogs, especially the big boys, my personal favorite. 🥰

    May you please share more tips and tricks for doggies that are hard of hearing/partially hard of hearing? Also how do you recommend preparing guests and family so that they can avoid things like startling your pet? This happened yesterday while having a BBQ. I suspect her nose was overwhelmed so my friend appearing in front of her really freaked her out. This question is for my friend’s rescue, she’s a chihuahua mix with a really lovely temperament, just clearly she is partially or fully deaf.

  5. Excellent video as usual Will! I do threshold/boundary work daily with every dog I’ve had & I agree! It’s such a great addition to all the other little things we do all day every day with our dogs😊🙏🏼

  6. Tiring my border collie out is actually easy. Patience and just having fun is everything to us. We train everything every day over 5-15 min sessions through out the day. Currently, we are working on heel training (it always spooks me just how quickly he absorbs proper instructions). Having him work for his meals is probably the best thing I’ve ever done for him.

    Cheers for the videos and guides on your website, Will. Great stuff.

  7. Great content man, covering in-depth every aspect . Every dog owner (and future ones too!) should have those rules in mind, it gives a big amount of control over various life situations with your dog, which reduces any anxiety or stress in a dog & owner – you will not be fearful that your dog will badly behave, and dog will not be stressed by new situations. Win-win scenario for every one!
    Also when you have a puppy, remember about behavioral changes that will happen (from puppy to adult dog) – don’t give up and stick to those 5 rules, it will help you a lot!

  8. My hearts breaks to see how abused he looks. I am soo happy he was very fortunate to be in your care. Your so amazing. I love your heart for these abused animals and the passion for canines. Most of all, the patience to deal with the “pet-parent” who needs 99.5 % of the training.

  9. This video was so helpful, everything you said makes sense! Great instructor! Thank you for helping us give our dogs a better, fulfilled life. Especially like your terminology that leadership is love.

  10. @FuzzyDunlop Or could be from another dog attacking him. I have several clients whose dogs have scarring from dog park attacks. I personally don’t think that cropping ears is intentional abuse, I think it is like declawing cats or circumcision, it was just what people did once upon a time and the more people know that it is unnecessary and even harmful, they will stop. Maybe not all, but I believe most people want to do better. My groomer has a Dane with cropped ears, she just didn’t know better at the time. The one benefit of cropped ears is that it allows air into the ear, dogs with floppy ears are much more predisposed to ear infections. But, not sure the pain they endure for it is worth controlling possible future ear infections. I personally have a boxer mix who doesn’t have a docked tail, dude gets “happy tail” constantly. So, again, I don’t always believe the original intentions were poor.

  11. I have grown up around dogs and dog training most of my life, mainly in the field retriever discipline. I have seen many training videos and programs and just wanted to say that this video was awesome! You hit all of the foundational elements of a good program, for field or home. You are a great representative of the training world.

  12. Fair comment, the dog does look abused you are right…it’s covered in scars.

  13. @SkylineGtr110the original video with this dog stated what the vet believes this dog has been through. While we can never be 100% sure, I’d trust the vet knows what his scars and health issues arose from

  14. Regarding crate training, I wish to underscore the supreme importance of “calm leadership from a place of love.” You MUST NOT BE ANGRY when putting your dog into the crate, though you may be frustrated. Time-outs must always be an opportunity for your dog to CHILL OUT; the crate must not be seen as a punishment but, rather, a sanctuary! I achieved this for my dog by keeping the crate well cushioned, always open when vacant, and always stocked with treats that I had surreptitiously planted there. I also made a habit of depositing my dog’s favorite toys in there whenever I found them lying around elsewhere and unattended. Location of the crate may also play a role. Some dogs may exist who want some privacy when chilling out, but most are probably very social, like my “party girl” who wants to be “up in the mix” even when she could use a nap. As such, her crate was not in a back room but, instead, in a high-traffic living space. You’ll know your doing crate training right—meaning, in such a way that your dog accepts it as a sanctuary—when they go into the crate without prompting, just to chill out and relax.

  15. I love the tip to keep their daily food in the treat pouch! My pouch is arriving in the post today, the puppy is arriving in 5 days, and I’m SO excited to start training! Thanks for this great video! xx

  16. SOOO glad I found this channel. I have only watched a few of your videos, but they are so straight-forward and easy to understand. I already feel better prepared to be a great leader for my new puppy and my older dog!

  17. I have a 12month old cane corso. My first large breed and second dog. I’m glad I did research on them as soon as she came in the house. I love them

  18. *Great **** lots of helpful instructions and ideas without being dictatorial. I like this writer’s style a lot and we have found it more helpful than several of the other books that we got to help train our new puppy because of the detail he goes into.*

  19. i just recently got a cane corso mix with red nose pit and i’m also trying to follow his steps. i’m so scared he’s going to grow up biting, which he’s just a puppy and he’s teething right now but it makes me so nervous how he bites. i have been training him tho

  20. @bailey he will grow out of it but still continue to redirect the biting to a toy.

  21. @Candace Hood any tips on training? i see you have a dog in your profile, and i’m very consistent with his training and taking him out but i’m still scared he’ll grow up aggressive or not know i’m his leader. he’s also been very socialized since i got him

  22. Love these tips! I exercise threshold manners when leaving the house, but I see I can implement it at any opportunity with benefit. I also do the first 4 of your basic commands (mostly successful.. x’D), but I should put more effort into recall and place commands 🙂

  23. I started threshold training only a week ago. She already knew sit and wait, just not in the context of crossing thresholds. She learned what was required instantly. I cannot tell you how much calmer and better behaved she is. It has been miraculous. She’s a 3 yr old working cocker. My dog trainer was very impressed, saying it is something many dogs really struggle with. I can’t recommend it enough.

  24. I’ve had a few behavioral issues that I’ve been working through with my puppy and it’s been hard not to feel frustrated and not be calm. Doing better with keeping calm, not just acting calm but working to actually be calmer has been really helpful. It’s what I think about every time you throw your line about calm, consistent leadership.

  25. Love this invaluable advice to build a strong relationship with your dog. Thank you Will Atherton for this expert info that I will put to use.

  26. Thank you so much for all of your training videos. I just got my first BC and although she still has all the normal puppy behaviors, she is training like a dream! ❤️ So grateful.

  27. @Plant Based Primate his bloody chin, lumps on his butt, deaf, either natural or from beating, or nerve damage from excessive pulling and pressure on the neck.

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