December 3, 2022



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Dogumentary television has teamed up with Oscar Mora of Raised Canine Academy to bring you Dog Training Principles. This collection is an intro collection into pet dog training. In lesson one, Oscar reviews "billing your pens", which tells the canine when he is going to be compensated. It additionally assists you as a trainer gauge a dog's passion in working with you. I'M A BIG FAN OF DJI DRONES AND ALSO CAMERAS, TERRIFIC FOR OBTAINING AMAZING PHOTOS AND VIDEOS OF YOUR PET DOGS.





  1. That puppy is so cute! So focused even at an early age. Beautiful Corso too.

  2. Great video. I like that you used a puppy with no training. A lot of videos use previously trained dogs making the process appear quicker and easier than it really is

  3. Ditto on liking and wanting more training videos. I also like that he used dogs that are at different training levels.

  4. Rodrigo Araujo, that would be great. I’m struggling with my aggressive German shepherd puppy

  5. Please more of these videos. Have a puppy I’m really trying to work with.

  6. Thank you !!! Been watching all kinds of videos & so far your the only one giving exact info on what to do .. Any tips or videos on potty training a 9wk Rottweiler

  7. My wife has been doing this to me for years and I never even noticed, well played wife….well played.

  8. Love the video. I just got a gsd pup, who is now 12 weeks already. He is doing real well, and I’ve been training in German. Running into a few small snags though

  9. Thank you very much
    I am about to adopt a rottweiler and was worried abt hw will i train him and all that but finally got the solution thanks to the team for such great efforts 😊😊😊😊
    Love from india

  10. What is your advice for a mouthy pup? We rescued a pit bull puppy in December. He was SEVERELY emaciated and weighed less than 12 pounds at 6 months of age. He is now at a healthy weight, and neutered, but has the puppy behavior that is frowned upon. He is becoming very chewy and mouthy, which is a HUGE no no, especially with him being a pit bull, as we know people will try to turn it into aggression. I’ve been trying to redirect him with a chew toy, but if just doesn’t seem to be working. What else can I try? Thank you!

  11. how long should my training sessions be? I noticed this one with the pup was realy quick, was it just for the video? how long do you usually “train” for?

  12. Awesome trainer!!!!! Oh no, I have ANOTHER favorite now πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Really nice style of explaining and good energy- thank you!!

  13. Great video in the sense of the use of a puppy, but too many treats. No wonder the Obesity pandemic is also hitting dogs in the USA. Used to be a time when results were achieved with patience and hard work and far less fancy words as engaged, invested, paid (?) etc. The times are changing. Soon there will be a time when dogs are trained ONLY by Certified PHds in Canine Behaviour and whatnots such as Essential Oils and Spas.

  14. Will there ever be a time when treats are not needed anymore? Because it seems like the dog is invested in the reward, not the owner. (I’m not trying to be critical by the way) – I’m just wondering if its possible to train a dog without needing treats on hand at all times? Thanks!

  15. You phase out treats slowly over time and replace it with praise. You need to get them excited for your praise and affection (by pairing it with the food) so that when you phase out the food they still feel rewarded. Clever huh?

  16. Hey, have been watching your dog training fundamentals videos, and it’s been going great! Only problem is my 12week old puppy WILL NOT stop biting my hands. Almost all the time I approach (or ANYONE, including family) he tries to bite my hands (legs, feet, ANYTHING), and succeeds! When he does, I yell “ow!” and disengage, but this doesn’t seem to be helping. Any tips to help? I am trying to raise him as a pet and and loving family dog. This is my 4th dog and the only one I’ve had a problem with biting CONSTANTLY as a puppy. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!

  17. I don’t use treats at all to train until the very end of the exercise.. Praise, toys, affection can work just as easily ! I’ve had some dogs that didn’t care about treats.

  18. Psychology and reasoning are other ways to train dogs. They’re a lot smarter than this channel seems to give them credit for and even understand more words in english than you’d think.

  19. It’s a reward system which is the basic fundamentals in dog Training. Once the dog advances to a higher level of training the reward system becomes optional.

  20. When you work you probably like a pay check, that what keep you motivated to continuing working, treats are the pay check for our dogs, but so it is other reinforcements like toys, walks, playing, etc. Treats are usually used in a training session since food is a primary reinforcement, and most dogs are motivated by food, but it is possible to use environmental reinforcements too to maintain behavior, when behavior had been learned (using treats) or when the dogs are not food motivated. It is also possible to mix up the kind of reinforcements we use.

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