December 3, 2022

How to CURE ED! [5 KEY Pillars] in 2022


Today you're mosting likely to learn the 5 SECRET PILLARS for treating impotence [ED] in 2022!

There's a great deal of questionable (ie. wrong!) web content around regarding just how to take care of ED. Dr. Alex Tatem, MD is a fellowship-trained Urologist concentrating on Man Sexual and also Reproductive Medication. Come learn the straight realities about erectile dysfunction treatment in today's video clip!

Right here's a few of the stuff we're mosting likely to cover:

Initially, we're going to briefly evaluation HOW erections work. For an extra detailed dive on this topic, take a look at our last video below:

Successive, we're mosting likely to discuss the 5 KEY columns for erectile dysfunction therapy and remedy: one at a time! Some highlights: Have you ever before asked yourself how medicines like Viagra (sildenafil) and also Cialis (tadalafil)? They appear appealing, so allow's discuss how they work! We discuss benefits and adverse effects.

Discover new 'mail-order' men's services like HIMS and Roman. Learn just how we can deal with ED even if those drugs DON'T FUNCTION!

Ever before wondered concerning the 'guys's clinics' that you've seen marketed around town? What are shots and who are they ideal for?

Remain tuned to the end for more information concerning the GOLD requirement for healing impotence: the penile implant! Restore erections with complete spontaneity WITHOUT needing to RELY on pills, shots or exterior gadgets! Register for learn more about Male's Health and wellness and also just how to cure erectile dysfunction, reduced testosterone, male infertility and Peyronie's disease!

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28 thoughts on “How to CURE ED! [5 KEY Pillars] in 2022

  1. So which of the 5 pillars of ED treatment do you want to learn more about?? Put your questions in the comments below!

  2. Best info I’ve seen yet on the ED subject!! I’m 63 and have experienced mild ED off and on for the last 15 or so years. I discovered that by simply scraping my teeth with a little bit of viagra and letting it dissolve under my tongue was sufficient to having normal satisfying erections. Recently however this has not worked reliably and even taking a whole pill has not always worked. Also when it has worked I have noticed my orgasms are not as intense and satisfying. I am intrigued by the implant procedure. My most satisfying erections were when I used very little viagra (scraping teeth) to none at all. So my question is with the implant is it possible to achieve a natural erection without pumping? Or once installed you must pump the saline in to achieve an erection. Please offer any thoughts you might have? Thanks!!

  3. Hi, Thank you for the impressive presentation, I personally would prefer the 5th pillar and is on the possibility or chances of having this option/technique/remedy protocol implemented in the Africans or midle-east countries? And how much does it cost?

  4. Wow 62 and still having fun?? Thats good my friend…if we can work it at the age then hmm nice guess i have a long way to go…lol

  5. My dudes. ED can be a sign of greater health problems in which case pills and surgeries are just a bandaid solution. You may be on your way to heart disease and an early grave. I’d say you owe it to yourself to try to improve your health first. Try 20-30mins of light to moderate intensity cardio every day, quit porn and masturbation for a week or two (or 12) in case you have a dopamine sensitivity issue. Lose weight if you’re overweight. Only if you have overall good health and fitness, and good dopamine sensitivity then maybe consider popping pills and getting surgeries. Also, if your partner is overweight then limiting porn is a must, unfortunately. The reality is your partner won’t do anything for you visually if you’re used to looking at fit and healthy babes online. This advice isn’t FDA approved and I’m not a doctor, but I do have a masters in common sense.

  6. Hey Dr. Tatum ! I just want to say your video is one of the best explanation videos I’ve seen ! I would definitely get an implant man ! And if I do I’m coming to Indiana to have you do it ! Just by your video, knowledge and persona I can relate very well with you ! I definitely would fly to Indiana to have a Super Qualified Physician (In My Eyes) do my surgery ! I’ll be following you man ! If it’s covered by my insurance I’ll be seeing you sooner than later ! Lol. ! Thank you for the Information ! 👍🏻

  7. Certainly, this, an ED treatment is fantastic. This can assist you resolve your bedroom problems. I`m delighted about having uncovered it because I was wanting to get over my lack of ability to maintain at attention. Obtaining a great experience every night I use this helpful guide.

  8. I believed that it required time with this product to begin to work. At 3pm, I started applying this ED treatment referred to as. At 9PM, my partner came home from work at a school function. Great thing is everything works. Many years have already passed since I have have this good results. I think this isn`t by chance.

  9. This ED treatment solution needs to be utilized by those who endure related problem as well because it can provide fast results. I seriously find this treatment effective in my case. My endurance has boosted. Right after three weeks of using it, my performance and blood circulation has considerably boosted. My significant other has observed the main difference as well.

  10. It`s for certain. Time has gone by just before things work out. I started making use of this ED treatment at around 3PM. Spouse return home about 9pm from a school function where she`s working. Great thing is almost everything works. Years have passed since I have have this strong results. I believe it is simply chance.

  11. Trust and honesty is something that will always lead you straight to what’s right,firstly I was afraid to trust the doctor not knowing he was the one God sent to heal my virus,I was positive of Ed,I’ve been battling with this virus and just decided to take a step and order the medication from Dr osaye,now I can finally testify and say thank you doctor from the deepest of my heart.

  12. I’m 80 and been completely Celebis for 7 years while watching my wife pass from cervical cancer and Dementia and 75 days toward back in action and eating lots of food for “NO” Also use the pump. A great improvement however, get everything except rigidity.

  13. Thank you Dr osaye, you did all the good work, your sincerity that brought me the trust and belief of getting cured,I’ll be so happy to watch your business expand just as it has helped a lot of people with different sickness and viruses.

  14. Your thoughtfulness and thoroughness contributed to speeding up my healing process.I wonder what could have become of me if you weren’t the one who handled my case.Thank you for curing my erectile dysfunction Dr emuakhe on YouTube from Africa…

  15. Accolades to my doctor (dr gboya) I have so much respect for how much positivity you put out while curing my ED ☺️☺️..

  16. @ acedogg692006
    I was in the same boat. 2 things; Get your heart checked, fast. I had clogged arteries (strong heart), and things didn’t work right. My other issue was statins for my cholesterol. Statins make it go bye-bye for good, but they don’t tell you that. I got off of them and I’m coming back. I hope this helps

  17. Hey Dr. I was strolling on U Tube and I came across your video on 5 ways to treat erectile dysfunction wow that was very helpful I have learned a lot thank you very much for sharing I appreciate it very much please keep up the good work and God bless

  18. Hey Dr.Alex
    A very good evening to you,
    Can you tell me more about the peneil implants please and thank

  19. Doctor Alex. I mentioned this surgery to my doctor and he said that after it’s done, I would lose almost two inches in length. I did not notice this was mentioned in this video. How true is that?
    Thank you.

  20. #doctorogie,I’m so impressed with the results of my ED test after using your herbal medication I really need to thank you for everything👑

  21. #doctorogie,I’m so impressed with the results of my ED test after using your herbal medication I really need to thank you for everything👑

  22. Having you as my doctor is also a positivity that I don’t really have to bother about any sickness or virus, because your herbal supplements of erectile dysfunction has shown not me but the world how good your products are and I”ll keep recommending you…

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