December 3, 2022

Erectile Dysfunction: Cause and Cure | Not Clickbait


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The most common root cause of ED is still unknown to the general public. This video is look at the science on that reason and also scientific research on the very best method to reverse it.
Links and Studies:

Resources for Change:
Mr. and Mrs. Vegan:
PotatoStrong's How-to Videos:
The Vegan Corner:
Bonnie Rebecca:
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Stats on ED prevalence:.

2/3 of males got ED leading up to their Cardiovascular Disease:

At 40, ED provides you a 5000% opportunity of CAD:.

Vascular disease as well as ED:.

WebMd Viagra Death Post:.

" Fatty streaks are found in the aortas of almost all kids by the age of 3 years,"

Artery Disability boosts erection time:

Esselstyn Research Study 90s:.

Esselstyn's Write-up on 90s Study "70% had careful regression":.

Esselstyn 200 clients:.

Expense Maher Clip:.

Vegan High Blood Pressure Prices:.

Rhino Write-up:.

31 thoughts on “Erectile Dysfunction: Cause and Cure | Not Clickbait

  1. I LOVED your epidemdick joke so much! This was entertaining and so informative. I really think vegans should advertise this beneficial affect of a plant based diet more often to convert meat eaters.

  2. Lol the bro translation made me laugh! Nice video as always. My husband and I went vegan together and definitely noticed a difference when we switched to eating low/no oil whole foods vegan. He didn’t even have ED. I can only imagine the dramatic difference for someone who did!

  3. Amazing video once again. Do you know how many people share your videos on social media as vegan education? I see it everywhere ☺️. You should be proud. Please keep them coming! (Bad pun😅)

  4. Thanks! I owe everything to people that share my vids. Endlessly grateful. This channel would be nothing without alll y’alll.

  5. Love the video! I know for a fact that my parents would have a lot happier marriage if they would just put some effort toward weight loss and artery unclogging. GO VEGAN & SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE 😀 keep up the good work Mic!

  6. So much respect for you. Thank you for sharing and presenting all of this knowledge with your viewers! I recently started eating a plant based diet, consisting mainly of raw foods. I have noticed such a difference in my mood and energy levels. I was wondering if you could possibly share your views about animal cruelty and if it has had any impact on your choice to go vegan. Thanks again for the excellent material! 👌🏻

  7. No doctor ever mentioned diet or clogged arteries to me in 2 years of trying to get to the bottom of my mild ED. I have been on viagra, had therapy sessions, blood tests… none of which had much long term effect. Since going vegan 6 months ago for completely unrelated reasons I’ve had hardly any issues whatsoever. Definitely worth considering if anyone is in a similar position

  8. Awesome explanation, Mic. I never really had issues with ED, or had to resort to medications. However, after 3 weeks into a vegan diet, I noticed a clear improvement in the quality of my erections. I’m 31, and had been eating meat for all my life. I was already noticing a slight decline “down there”, for example, with no more morning erections. After quitting meat and other animal products, I’m getting it every morning for the last week or so. When I get excited it’s like I am back to my teenage vigor again. This is not the reason why I went vegan, but man, what a gain!

  9. “It’s not as easy as a pill, but its worth it”. I’m not a vegan, but I am a man who enjoys that womanhood warmth, and would easily choose that lifestyle if that is in fact what it took to stay in the game. Keep it going Mic!!

  10. Crazy. I’m 23 and sometimes have issues with blood flow and regular chest pains. Cardiovascular disease is sure to come unless I change my lifestyle

  11. I dated a man with such issues. Told him he needed a whole life change for his health, including the ED and obesity. He said it was psychological, so i urged him to do therapy. He was present in therapy but wouldn’t open up and deal with any issues, so that was a waste. Viagara only partially helped the situation. He loved food too much to do what needed to be done.

  12. Difficulty climaxing is also a symptom of ED. As men age they gradually lose sensitivity in the glans penis. What remedies are there to increase glans sensitivity?

  13. I am 28 and late to the show on the vegan diet, I used to believe the myths that you could never be as strong as a meat eater( being a fighter this was important) after the documentary game changers I found out that that’s not true. After I found out Nate Diaz is a vegan, and Arnold told us that meat myths was just for marketing…. I started to change that day. Your channel is helping me learn this new lifestyle( having lived in the farm all my life) I know it’s weird to be commenting about this on your ED video but I felt that I needed to let you know how thankful I am that your content is impacting my life in a positive way!

  14. Every guy that I have dated who has had erectile dysfunction issues turned out to also have a very high lipid profile. Every single one that reduced animal products had a marked improvement within a month. Firmness, frequency, and size all improved. All of them were completely shocked because they seem to believe it was psychological only.

  15. Cheers for this, I have been researching “erectile dysfunction cures summary” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Narnlivia Stiff Manhood – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got excellent success with it.

  16. I made this terrible experience going more plant based: got sky high libido and high penile functionality. My wife doesn’t complain (I am 51) but I don’t have time for this, so maybe I will switch to pure carnivore diet to clog my arteries again (just kidding!). Plant strong diet is a miracle and a blessing to nutrition science.

  17. This ED problem is already a thing in the past. Thanks to this ED treatment. I have now what I wish to get. I don`t have any problem attaining anymore. Other men should test this as well. It`s very potent and highly effective.

  18. Thanking you for your support Dr Osaye for all the products, and what I consider is your understanding and helping hand with your medical supliments to cure erectile dysfunction…

  19. Exercise will probably also add about 10-12% onto size.

    Surprised that hasn’t been part of an ad campaign yet

  20. @none none plenty of people “look” healthy and collapse from health problems young. It’s actually not at all uncommon among bodybuilders

  21. Thank you Mic for explaining this to both men (who really need to hear it), and women. I am always amazed that
    males are taught animal flesh and blood, dairy, eggs, make you manly, virile, strong and sexy. But, they create the opposite effect
    and directly lead to e.d. I believe the way to reach omnivore men is to discuss this issue in detail, as the biggest fear of guys
    is losing their erections. All of a sudden animal flesh loses its’ appeal in multiple ways. cheers.

  22. Before going to bed, I`ve not neglected to take this ED medication. The effect is always fantastic like I`ve gained my youth drive again. I simply need to make fun to my wife several times. It even assisted me become a a bit more efficient in my plumbing works. Almost everything they put me through really works and I`m happy this choice is all natural.

  23. Just before going to bed, I haven`t forgotten to use this ED treatment solution. The effect is definitely amazing just like I have gained my youth drive once more. Making fun to my partner as much as I would like is not hard. It even assisted me become a little more reliable in my plumbing related works. Whatever they place in here works and I am thrilled its all natural choices.

  24. Your thoughtfulness and thoroughness contributed to speeding up my healing process.I wonder what could have become of me if you weren’t the one who handled my case.Thank you for curing my erectile dysfunction Dr emuakhe on YouTube from Africa…

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