November 28, 2022

10 Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs in the World!


They state pets are a man's best friend but, if trained right, they can also be a man's ideal associate. From cops pets to watchdog, valuable puppies can be trained to do pretty much anything a guy can. I imply, heck! Take A Look At Scooby Doo! He's an effective paranormal investigative! That takes serious discipline! These are the most effective trained and disciplined canines in the world!

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35 thoughts on “10 Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs in the World!

  1. I’ve been teaching one of my pups some stuff. Takes him 2 one minute sessions to get basic things and 5-10 minuets depending on complexity. His newest one is placing his snout on my hand. Depending on how high I have my hand he knows if I’m asking for his paw or his snout. He just learned to boop(touch) with his nose just have to figure out how to expand it to going to an object and bopping it.

  2. My Dachshund can wave hi/bye. All 3 of our dogs know that when it comes to treat time they sit in front of us and wait for their name to be called for treats! They also know to wait for their food until we say “Ok!”.

  3. I saw a documentary on border collies which took place in Scotland. The owner had a sheep farm and you see the owner giving commands and pointing at the dog from 50 to 70 yards away and directing the dog where to go – amazing. He said these dogs are the most intelligent animals in the world.

  4. I don’t think it’s unusual for dogs to recognize their own names along with the names of others in their pack. We had three chows that knew each other’s names along with our names and our three kids names, plus knew extended family members names.

  5. Well trained dogs. They have each amazing different abilities through training. I supposed that their owners have must patience while trained them, unless no success. Thanks for a good video.

  6. really insightful. honestly i knew dogs are smart but i didn’t know they can be this smart.

  7. My dog is like Colt, Indio is the name of my dog. He helps me to remove my anxiety and depression, he is the best dog in the whole world. Also for me he is not just a dog, He is more than a best friend, a brother to me because his love for me is truly unconditional. I love him so much 🐕😍❤

  8. The dog can smell the treat under the cup. That’s not intelligence, it’s instinct.

  9. WLV_Eclipse who isn’t lucky to have one?
    Now I just got to teach him that getting brushed is a good thing. He is a husky so it’s even more imperative that he gets groomed. I just think he doesn’t like the feeling of his hair coming out.

  10. I am so amazed with all of these dogs, what a beautiful thing to see.
    I’m so proud.

  11. All dog lovers here. Dogs are best friends to everyone. My puppy used to woke up me at 4am during exams…….. But he will sleep after I getsup

  12. Mr. Biscuit is an Australian Shepherd not a border collie it’s basically a mix between Border Collie and Australian Cattle Dog. You can tell by the grey speckled areas

  13. My emotional support dog just passed away and I am literally lost. His spleen ruptured he was 10. 150 pounds of pure love, comfort and support, and he’s gone. I’m never gonna be able to get over the loss. I’ve had plenty of dogs before, but none of them like this. I can’t believe it’s still so raw even after a few months it’s still so damn raw. It HURTS.😞

  14. I have no idea why anyone would dislike this video. I absolutely love how smart dogs can be when given lots of love and attention. This video was amazing…👍👍💯

  15. Hello Derek,how are you doing and your family,how is the weather condition over there?

  16. Right! I’m always trying to tell my sister to take her three year old shepherd (land shark) to training. She is soo high energy just runs back and forth. Doesn’t listen. Anyhoo, I try to explain the training is Not for the dog…it’s for the human to learn ‘dog speak’ so she can communicate and learn how dogs think so she can have a better experience and control with her big dog.

  17. It took a while before I decided my favorite. They were all so good. I had to choose the dog and horse one. Thats insane.

  18. Big deal, I’ve been training my yorkie-poo for years, I can command her to ” sit!!” And sometimes she will do it. Unless she doesn’t feel like it, which is half the time.

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