November 28, 2022

6 Ways To Get A Harder Erection | Fix Erectile Dysfunction


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41 thoughts on “6 Ways To Get A Harder Erection | Fix Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Great video John! As someone who is 25, I’ve sadly already experienced symptoms of ED. This may sound strange, but another tip that worked for me was to stop masturbating. I know, TMI, but once I stopped and I was in the bedroom with someone, it was no longer an issue whatsoever. I think it’s something worth mentioning

  2. Once again John, a very interesting video and a great point you made about testosterone. We do need that as males, and part of mens problems could be the lack of it. John, you know just as I do when it comes to dealing with a woman she wont say oh I don’t like him because of his lack in testosterone her brain will pick up on the the lack of it. Yes, as we get older we do lose it, however, that isn’t the problem, the hormone in balance is the problem. Guys reading this, its OK, get a blood test and if its below a certain percent your doctor will advise if it is an in balance of your hormones.

  3. Not just sugar, cut out most all carbs. I went keto 3 years ago to resolve other health issues (which it did) but to my surprise the ED problems I had vanished. I also cut out the seed oils (like soy, canola, etc.), and cut back on any highly processed foods.

  4. Hi John. Thanks for addressing this subject. I’ve been working out a couple of times a week for years and take supplements to boost free testosterone and can’t complain yet about making wood. So I guess I have been doing something right. Peace. : )

  5. Great list John😊! Beside Viagra or Cialis I would add: no cohabitation, no marriage and no children! And being and staying in good shape, both yourself and your partner! And of course dress well and sexy for yourselves and oneanother!

  6. I’m 56 years old and have been suffering with ED for 10 years. I see my doctor regularly every 6 months. She began with prescribing me Viagra 25mg. I am up to a 100mg now. Not once has she spoken to me about sugar my diet my sleep or any of the things you covered. I thought it was just a part of getting old . Viagra works but it takes the spontaneity out of sex. I always have to plan around the pill. Your video has given me a lot to think about. Also maybe it’s time to have a long talk with my doctor or replace her. As always great video. Thanks

  7. John, let me start by saying that you have had a huge impact on me personally and I want to thank you…again. In this video you brought up a topic that is too often “in the closet.” You have this comfortable, open ease about you and that translates into making us feeling comfortable, open and at ease (in my opinion). One of your recent videos inspired me to reach out to a friend I hadn’t spoken to in nearly 5 years. It was fantastic and we are going to talk again this week and have made a pact to talk on a regular basis. I have you to thank for inspiring me to reconnect with someone who has been important to me. He is is one of 3 people who I respect and I refer to as cool. And although you & I have never met, I can say that there are now 4 people who I respect and are cool. Well done and as always I look
    forward to the next video.

  8. thanks so much, john. very informative.
    i quit drinking years ago and it made such a difference – and i am in my 60’s. i also exercise every day, perhaps not with the heavy weights, but i do a large amount of cardio.
    thanks so much again.

  9. Great video, John. Good advice. Look after your body and your mind. At the risk of too much information here is a bit of my story. I worked right until 65. In pain all the time because I needed a hip replacement; high blood pressure; carrying way too much weight; and diabetic. No sex life at all. Bloody depressing. A marriage that was merely 2 people sharing an address not a bed. Fast forward 7 years….new hip, no pain, shed a few pounds, blood pressure rock solid, diabetes diet controlled, looking forward to things, sharing a bed again, and getting boners that a cat couldn’t scratch. Take care of your body, take care of your mind, de-stress your life. It works….at 72 yours truly wakes up with morning wood and has sex 3 or 4 times a week.

  10. As a 51 year old, an attractive lady really helps. 😉 I sometimes, or should I say usually, finish too quickly. I’ve always had that issue which is annoying. Keeping weight low and sleep helps. Agree. 👍

  11. Super video on a hard topic. No pun intended. As an older gentleman in my mid 50s I often get asked very personal questions from the younger guys. Now I can just refer them to this video,…since they generally dispute what I tell them anyway. As always, You keep making these informative videos and I will continue to watch as an educated happy gentleman subscriber.

  12. Hey John,
    Another great video. You handled a sticky subject in a mature, straightforward manner – as you do everything.
    Much appreciated.

  13. Lost 120lbs of body fat through Whole Food Plant Based eating lifestyle. Went from waist 50+ waist size pant size to 32″. I workout out heavy 3x / week & don’t drink or smoke. My test went from 90 to 540 without any testosterone replacement therapy. Eating & Living clean as well as working out made a HUGE impact in my life. I started at 45 years old, I’m now 50. This is REAL & NOT a fad. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  14. Thank you, John for this very valuable information. It’s sad to know that some men feel awkward about having “another dude” talk about our erections. I’m sure most females out there would feel less comfortable speaking to a man about “female issues” than speaking to another woman. Perhaps the real issue is, as John pointed out in this video, that 75% of men do NOTHING about ED/Low T issues. I was part of that 75% until about 4 years ago. that’s when I spoke to a doctor about ED, and I only spoke to a doctor about Low-T just last year! I understand how difficult it is to speak to ANYONE about our sexual health issues, but we’re only hurting ourselves needlessly by staying silent about it. Now, I’m on TRT. I’m feeling better now, and I wish I had spoken up earlier. Keep in mind, that it does not matter the gender, as long as the person is an expert in the field, speak to that health professional about these issues. The sooner you do, the better you will feel.

  15. Summary for the boys:
    -reduce sugar consumption
    -get enough sleep
    -reduce alcohol consumption
    -lift heavy weight
    -reduce stress

  16. That’s amazing! Especially starting at 45. I’m planning on doing the same thing

  17. @Philip Avila it a gel you take with water work online. Within 15 minutes. You are a lion and last 48 hours..

  18. One thing you fail to mention, is the appearance and the amount of participation of your partner. You must admit that there are some women that are primarily passive while others are much more aggressive. I am not speaking of domination, but just participation. As I got older (71 now) I found that my erection is much more dependent on how much my partner’s role plays on getting and maintaining my erection.

  19. I’ll be 58 in August and I’ve never been a big sleeper. Especially after 40. If I get 5.5 hours of sleep in a night, that’s a very good night. However, I have always lived a healthy life, with regular exercise, good diet and no drugs or alcohol. I’ve also always had no problem with erections. They’re not as super stiff as they were at 18, but they are consistent

  20. I miss getting my erecting.all I’m on thyroid snd migraine. I need help bAd.I I can’t even get my erectien anymore.

  21. Dear 40 Over Fashion,

    There’s never a correct answer about masturbation effects on the erection. Some suggest that that it improves stamina, others is that it causes premature ejaculation

    What do you think about this?


  22. Unfortunately, pills are the medical model. More than likely will not find a doctor who talks about diet and exercise

  23. Love the “…boners that a cat couldn’t scratch” comment, with apologies to the movie “Cocoon”, where I first heard that expression!

  24. Wow, I’m 67 so I assume that erectile dysfunction is caused by age. But I do consume way too much sugar. My testosterone levels must be down a lot from when I was 30. 🙂 I do get lots of sleep though. Don’t drink usually at all. Stress has been reduced since I just retired two weeks ago. But no girlfriend means it’s been so long, who knows if it still works like it should. One problem at a time I guess 🙂

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