November 28, 2022

Has Cesar Met His Match? (Aggressive Dog) | Cesar911 Shorts


In this episode, I see a grandmother that is being terrorized by her grandson's pet in her own house.

Target, a chihuahua mix, is being classified as a problem. A hostile pet dog that has actually been snapping and biting at people. He has been creating a divide in the home, which may cause the grand son getting rid of his cherished pet dog …

Can I discover the remedy to this case?

I will certainly be responding to this episode following week!

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48 thoughts on “Has Cesar Met His Match? (Aggressive Dog) | Cesar911 Shorts

  1. The way this lady tries to do right by everybody, including the pooch, at her own expense…..Grandma deserves a freaking medal!

  2. Grandma is a gem . She is bearing all the dog’s aggression just because that’s the last thing her grandson has which he loves the most . πŸ’žπŸ’ž aw

  3. She is doing more than she can. She wants more than he is willing to give.

    The dog bites me when I try to pet it. Have u tried not petting it? IJS

  4. β€œThat hurt u little so & so β€œ 🀣🀣🀣 Awww grandma. She’s the sweetest .

  5. I certainly give her a ton of credit. She’s also adapting to raising a child again! She’s trying everything to make this work. πŸ’”

  6. I think the hard times for her grandson affected Target too. He doesn’t need a trainer, he needs a therapist!! 🀣

  7. What trips me our is how relaxed target is on the grandson, you’d swear they’re lying about himπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  8. I love how these people tell a professional what it is…. ” It looks more like Anger to me” .

  9. 2:58 I like how the dog decides to go into it’s crate and then turns around like: “wait I need to attack”

  10. 2:58 Target running back into his cage after he got pissed off just cracked me up!!!! And then 6:18 just melted my heart β™₯️!!! He loves his owner.

  11. Mad respect to grandma. Not only taking in her grandson but his dog as well! πŸ’―

  12. Grandma your a damn good person, we need more grandma’s like you God bless you.

  13. Its amazing how he just lies across his chest hope all goes well for them all target included.

  14. @Arun Moses cool then why you call it a dog in your original comment? My guess is you’re diverting away from having to admit you were wrong when presented with actual knowledge so you make a joke despite having made the distinction yourself. Grow up.

  15. @DMTtripbear Bro obviously it’s a dog. You are missing my point. My point is that there is something wrong with this dog

  16. @Arun Moses No there is something wrong with how these people are mishandling the dogs training that makes it look like theres something wrong with the dog. The problem with cesar is he treats the dog like its property, not a friend. So go “bro” someone else cause you have 0 idea what youre talking about

  17. @DMTtripbear I don’t know man. I am sure it has to do partly with how the dog is treated, but it’s gotta have some kind of issue

  18. I like how the grandma hates how she’s keeping the dog in the cage, understanding it’s not good for him, and wants to train it so she can let it out. She’s such a nice lady!

  19. Ikr πŸ˜‚ the way the dog layed its head down on the grandson like a baby so calm and loving but the dog is really a little 😈

  20. @Heidi Christensen dogs don’t understand English or no when hyper, they are not human babies, this is the issue with humans your type who thinks dogs a humans, they are animals you need to be hands on to correct them !

  21. I really want to know how this ends. I hope Target gets to stay and he builds a trusting relationship with grandma

  22. Grandma oh gosh she is amazing and so compassionate. I love her for wanting the best for her grandson and his dog

  23. Cesar , Where is the rest of the video ?? That was a cliff hanger. We want to see how you trained him and how that all worked out. πŸ€”πŸ’–

  24. Ceaser’s ability to be CALM in these situations is amazing! For us to choose CALM IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES IN OUR LIVES WOULD MAKE A BETTER WORLD!
    Thanks Ceaser and stay HANDSOME!πŸ˜€

  25. @Serenity Smith It could be because his parents yelled and threw stuff that now the dog is scared of adults and assumes the grandma is bad too.

  26. @α…šα…š α…šα…šα…šα…š α…šα…š ty for your comment. Yes , Something definitely has scared this dog .

  27. ​@Joyce Hancock In the other videos I have seen of Cesar the results are shown, so that’s a bit confusing here.

  28. ​@MJ Skye Please let us know where exactly you are taking your “knowledge” and judgement of this lady’s character and psychology from? She is doing her best in my opinion by calling Cesar. He stated straightaway that her! attitude and not the dog is the problem. She took it and tried to learn and agreed to be seen all over the world. What more do you want? We are all unconscious in so many ways. She is not Ms. Perfect, and neither are YOU.

  29. @Gabriele Schulze well for starters lol. Ima guy. I would hope I’m not ms perfect lmaoo. And second. Its fake.

  30. @Gabriele Schulze not to mention so what? Dogs emotions are reflectful and its not her dog. She can demand respect all day but dogs are were timid and first impressions is everything to em. It’s her sons dog. Granted its in her house but for her to call a show when she don’t even know how strong a bond can really be is kinda petty. Son literally on his bed PETTING him the first minute lol. She probably argues with her son often and the dog picks up on it. You don’t know the truth. Just easy to defend then analyze every situation open minded. The only hero I see i see is cesar

  31. Maybe Target likes his grandson more

    My sister’s husband has 6 dogs and when he comes to my aunt’s house who has a dog. The dog would be so comforted by him
    Maybe he just knows how to control a dog

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