November 28, 2022

Cesar Millan Takes Muzzle Off An Angry German Shepherd | Cesar 911


You can really feel the tension in the air! Cesar Millan takes off this terrible German Guard's muzzle, as well as watches intently as Ovechkin circles a pack of smaller pets. Will this workout repay? Get more pet training suggestions on Cesar 911! Watch for FREE on Dabl Network TV! See for where to watch! #Dabl #DablNetwork #CordCutters #FreeTV

67 thoughts on “Cesar Millan Takes Muzzle Off An Angry German Shepherd | Cesar 911

  1. Ceaser’s show and written literature has thought me a lot about dealing with dogs packs and hierarchy. I learned the importance of being a leader of the pack and setting limits. I found my dogs respected me and family so much more after applying the techniques he teaches. Big Mahalo from Hawaii!

  2. Please don’t do or follow a lot of what he does or says he doesn’t know K9 body language has been bit numerous times because he didn’t know what the dog was saying and read the dogs wrong and set their owners up for failure and to get bit he has forced reactions out of dogs and then punished them for it when they did. He has choked dogs and is actually abusive. Rescues and shelters have pulled out of his programs because of it he has face multiple lawsuits and is facing more please find a good reputable trainer that uses the scientifically proven method that is positive reinforcement or a really good balanced trainer not an alpha theory trainer like this any trainer who uses his methods is a huge red flag

  3. I am amazed how Cesar got those humans to obey him like that. They stood in a circle with food and didn’t even eat it.

  4. @FangRaverWolf and how do you know all this? You been around him? Or you just going off what you read/hear?

  5. @PongoTheCrownVic the ‘Alpha’ pack thing has been debunked many times. Even the person who first came up with it admitted it was flawed.

  6. @Lola Lo good argument there. The round earth theory has been debunked as well; guess we live on the flat earth then! I mean, what are you gonna believe, some blogger or actual results you can test out for yourself?

  7. @Neon White exactly who debunked the ’round earth ‘ theory with actual science? I would love to see those reports and studies.
    The Alpha ‘theory’ was proven wrong when people realized that what the person was studying were actually a wolf and his cubs, not other wolves with zero connections. The moment the cubs were old enough to leave, so did the ‘alpha mentality’ between the wolves. As I said, the original researcher admitted his fault when he went back to do a follow up study.

  8. German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent and trainable breeds there is. If they misbehave its because humans have failed them 🤦‍♂️

  9. Many years ago, I was a special education teacher, working with students K-9 who had been identified as behavioral/emotionally disabled, the vast majority males, most outwardly behaving like the German Shepherd. At the time I began this work, I discovered you and the original The Nanny out of Brittian. You both taught me so much. I recommended your strategies to the parents and other teachers of all kinds of kids. I was not a counselor. I was a mentor, passing on strategies these children could employ to become successful and effective in any setting in a brief time. Thank you.

  10. My German Shepherd is such a softy. He was highly socialised from a puppy with other dogs and around kids. He’s completely relaxed with people coming to the house, even if he’s not overly familiar with them. Sometimes I worry that if anyone broke in he’d probably run off and not protect the home 😂 He’s such a good lad, though. Grew out of his chewing phase early and is entirely happy as long as he gets food, cuddles and walks.

  11. Thank you ! You can teach humans how to train with absolute respect, trust and love.
    Your love and respect for the animals is what sets you apart from everyone – you read the dogs and do everything without laying a hand on them and this Cesar Millan Methodology of Dog Whispering/Training and the training of All the owners is a blessing to be shared with owners around the world.
    You are a champion of all our precious animals.
    Thank you Cesar.

  12. What makes a dog social is understanding the rules and not breaking them. Sounds exactly like what makes *people* social too. 😀

  13. This is why I love Cesar, he doesn’t give up on them just because it’s hard, he does everything in his power to help these dogs have a better life and a happier future😢

  14. These dogs are born and bred for security. They are incredibly intelligent (and trainable). My alcoholic neighbor has one – and when her owner is in trouble, she runs to my house – 5 houses down – and pounds on my front door. I believe they are so intelligent that they can have psychological issues.

  15. As far as I’m aware he still hasn’t had one dog put down to this day.🏆👌

  16. he’s incredible , it blows my mind at how many people bad mouth him . any “reward based” trainer would of gotten torn up and then the dog would of been put down .

  17. I just absolutely adore the love this guy has dedicated his life to creating among animals. Namiste, my friend

  18. He definitely knows what he’s doing , always has from what I’ve seen over the years

  19. The way you react to dogs that misbehave is so natural. It’s like second nature to you. Are you sure you weren’t a dog in a previous life? I loved your TV show and I’m so happy that I found your tutorials on YouTube! I love to watch how you train misbehaving dogs so they can stay with their owners!

  20. I was expecting that one day, you neighbor came home sober and the dog did not recognize him and attacked him.

  21. It’s amazing and heartwarming to see the change in his eyes.. they become so soft and relaxed with Cesar.. Thank god for Cesar.. ❤️

  22. I’ve been waching Cesar do so many incredible things for many years. He has taught me so much and has been a blessing to countless families. God bless Cesar Millan! 🙂

  23. Most animals are very emotionally intelligent and they absolutely can have psychological issues just like people. They can suffer from PTSD and depression, they can have night terrors from past trauma, and can have many of the same mental health problems that come from abuse or past traumatic experiences. Thankfully, like people, they can also be rehabilitated and work through their trauma to become more mentally healthy and emotionally balanced.

  24. really amazing how the dog recognized Cesar as the alpha, he really is a great trainer

  25. There is no such thing as alpha. Sincerely, the guy who coined the term and them immediately corrected himself over a decade ago but nobody seems to be hearing him now. Please please please research modern dog training and behavior. We’ve learned SO much in the past decade! It’s such a shame that people still believe in outdated myths when we’ve learned so much more.

  26. @Scott Mandeville I’m not from Phoenix. I’m from Scotland where it’s cold most of the time ☹️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  27. @Figaro Hey! I’m always loyal to my Dog. Where else am I to get unconditional love….😻

  28. @Phoenix Rising Perfect for German Shepherds. I have 2 Scottish dogs, Golden Retrievers. They love the cold weather, not so much in the Virginia summers.

  29. My German shepherd is a big baby at 18months. Has has become territorial of the backyard now and barks at anyone that rings the doorbell. I socialized him early as well.

  30. Any dog can have psychological issies. Trauma affects a vast majority of living beings.

  31. @Tink Crow Like I said – you have no credible sources to back you up. I know a lot of professional dog trainers that use violence against dogs to make them listen.
    If you watched any of his shows you would see the respect the dogs have for him is instantly – not based on cruel means which is ludicrous. He wouldn’t be on t.v. for over a decade if that were the case. Your impression of him is way off base and I urge you to watch his shows and see why he is so admired and respected by all the testimonials.

  32. Same here. She is my best friend, the most gentile dog I’ve ever met.

  33. It so beautiful to see that dog able to learn and relax. Cesar is extremely good at what he does.

  34. When you think of the countless number of dogs that Cesar (and his followers) have saved over the years from being euthanized is astounding. Huge huge difference with the dog with Cesar’s techniques that do work in the long run. Thank You Cesar! I am so glad you came to our country!

  35. I love the fact that Cesar Milan rehabilitates dogs and trains people, because it truly is the people who need to be trained. Dogs are actually smarter than the idiot people.

  36. Pretty much I’d say the same about my pit. His biggest issue is he gets SO excited meeting other people he can get a little bit crazy jumping on people.

  37. I’m listening to personal experience and Cesar’s shows and books, which are credible btw, since thru consistency these dogs’ improved behavior has stood the test of time.
    Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

  38. @Raven o I agree on that too, I know ppl who have real gd parents an they turned out to be assholes, but dogs are more loyal so that’s y I said mostly raise them wrong. Kids are harder to take care of than dogs. I wasn’t comparing species I was comparing owners/parenting behaviour towards both.

  39. Sorry, but no. Veterinary behaviour specialists have spoke against his methods. Look it up.

  40. @Sherri Ianiro I already listed multiple examples of why his method is bad but whatever. You can do whatever you want. I’m tired of arguing with a buffoon. I hope you have a wonderful day and maybe decide to recheck yourself.

  41. Por eso ya dice que rehabilita a los perros de haber estado mal entrenados por idotas que no saben entrenar y que también necesitan ser rehabilitados.

  42. Absolutely, we had one when I was a child that had been ill treated by a man, she had been in kennels for four years, we gave her a home… She was beautiful and loved my father to bits, but she hated strange men.

  43. Oh, don’t underestimate him. He’d probably know what to do. German Shepherds are extremely smart. He’d probably call 911.

  44. * people make dogs but they didn’t make their brains * stop trying to pretend to be something your not

  45. @Scoobyfan 86:) People are animals too you know. Dogs have about as large a vocabulary as a three year old child. They just can’t pronounce the words but they understand them. Dogs are a little more polite than most people too. So, why don’t *you* pretend to be nice today? 😀

  46. @Rusty Howe I love Cesar Milian and the work that he does is amazing but unfortunately he has put a dog down. My cousin’s wife’s brother’s dog could not be rehabilitated, he bit Cesar on the show (I think) and was actually put down. The show however did get him a replacement dog. IDK when this exactly happened, it was years ago but I’m guessing around 2006-2009??? The show did air, idk if they included not being able to rehabilitate the dog or not. It was filmed at their residence in San Bruno, Ca. I still think Cesar Milian does fantastic work and I would trust his judgment.

  47. I mean….objectively, dogs are not smarter than people. They are mostly instinctual and emotional. While they can of course reason, I’ve never seen a dog (other than the occasional outlier) use tools or make intellectual pursuits, for example.

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