September 30, 2022

How To Get Harder Erections Naturally | 5 Effective Ways To Stronger Erections


Harder Erections are greatly based on your testosterone. What you do on a daily basis can impact the solidity of your erections and how much time they last.
In this video, see 5 effective routines to change to make certain you aren't going down the down spiral to no erections … regardless of just how severely you want one.

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Having bad testosterone forming habits can lead to erectile dysfunction as well as erectile dysfunction. It is simpler to avoid these diseases than to come back from them.

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30 thoughts on “How To Get Harder Erections Naturally | 5 Effective Ways To Stronger Erections

  1. Sir you made a lot of sense that was the best advice I have heard in a while thanks from Texas. Keep up the good work

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  2. Great advice! I have been intermittent fasting since January 1. I have lost 22 lbs since. I have noticed with limiting alcohol (one or two drinks only on weekend) I have noticed a stronger erection. May be due to the higher levels of growth hormones from the fasting periods. Also, limiting my sugar intake a lot.
    I will now start to implement some exercise and some of your recommendations.
    Stay strong guys.
    Health and happiness!

  3. Great info sir!!! Had an issue a couple days ago and literally felt like the walls were crashing down around me sinking into depression. This video and the great info in it, gave me some light at the end of the tunnel! Your humor is really great too.

    Definitely going to try to fix my sleeping schedule and cut down my sugar intake.

    Question: what is your stance on PDE5 drugs?

    1. This is glorious, I’ve been looking for “how can i get a full erection naturally?” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Meyylan Konophia Theorem – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.

  4. Wow! This video was very informative. Love the fact that it was so simple and to the point and you weren’t trying to sell us something! Didn’t realize how these things effect your testosterone levels? Two main things I’m going to “walk away” from is the sugar and tablets and cell phone at night! Thanks for the advice Uncle B!!!

  5. Been having a rough few weeks at work, and this video reminded me to just breathe, relax and not to stress over something that is impermanent. All I need now is to work on my sleep schedule. Much appreciated.

  6. Thanks Brian for the great information and you present it in a interesting way which kept my attention level high. Particularly the importance of sleep was something I had not considered. I am early to bed early to rise guy,but I do have “sleep gaps” during nighttime So I do take naps since I am retired.Do naps help rebuild testosterone?

  7. This was great. I was expecting to get some discouraging news, too difficult, too expensive, too something. This was sensible and straightforward and most of all good for you all around. I have subscribed to your channel and looked forward to reading your content. The two things I plan to work on first are reducing my sugar intake, I have type 2 diabetes so I need to do that anyway, and heavy lifting. I have a big landscaping project starting soon so that’s going to be good. Thanks again.

  8. Less sugar
    No alcohol
    Get enough sleep in dark – avoid phone light (increase testosterone)
    Do heavy weight (increase testosterone?..reduce running/jog (increase cortisol)
    Lessen/avoid the stress – cortisol increase so do meditate (breathing technique)

  9. Sleep and over stimulation is my number one problem. I believe it’s the same for most of us. I can control the other things most of the time

  10. All 5 things I’m going to put in practice from now on thankyou brother for the great advice and video 🤙🏽

  11. I was 24 years old and I suffered from ED for six months because I was marathon running, eating a low fat diet, and working very long hours seven days a week.
    The doctor told me my testosterone was still fine, but my cortisol was inhibiting my hormones.
    Long story short, after sleeping better, switching to a keto diet, and lifting heavy on a 5X5 program I’m better off than I’ve ever been.

  12. Thanks for the tips man! I’m a bodybuilder so I already lift like a mad man. But I’m going to apply these other tips and see how they help! Thanks man 💪🏽

  13. I walk 5 miles a day on my job…and now I understand the damage. Also, Since watching this, I gave up Coke, candy, and donuts. Seeing good results by day five. Less sugar also helping me sleep better.

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