September 30, 2022

“Super” Pit Bull: Training The Ultimate Protection Dog | DOG DYNASTY


"Super" Pit Bull: Educating The Ultimate Protection Pet
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Satisfy Ace the elite protection pet dog – that can jump with second-storey home windows to take down armed burglars. The three-year-old American pit bull can also identify a selection of tools, including hand guns and also knives, and also can 'conveniently kill a man' if commanded to. Ace is top pet at Dark Empire K9s – that specialise in training exec defense pet dogs for the authorities, stars and billionaire clients worldwide. It takes years of training for a pit bull to reach this degree and also Marlon has actually been educating Ace five times a week for the last three years – along with continuous communication – at his center in New Hampshire, United States.

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Videographer/ Supervisor: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: John Balson, Nick Johnson
Editor: Josh Douglas, Kyle Seas

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43 thoughts on ““Super” Pit Bull: Training The Ultimate Protection Dog | DOG DYNASTY

  1. My uncle bought a baby pit bull and brought it over to play with us! She was the cutest thing ever! Then he brought her over again wine she was older! She was still amazingly sweet! Though my parents didn’t allow me to play with her for too long! They were worried -_- since they were both but by pit bulls once(but in Mexico! Dogs are all over the place!) then my uncle adopted another pit bull who was used in dog fights. It made me so sad to see her sweet face all scared. She was so sweet as she waited in front of the school with my uncle as many many kids passed by her. Pit bulls are wonderful animals. Humans on the other hand can be horrible.

  2. bad dogs come from bad owners, simple as that.
    This guys Dogs are balanced and well trained, they are loved and cared for, and as a result are perfect dogs in every way.

    1. sorry but even that’s not entirely true. Dogs are kinda like people they can be naturally bad or good because of genes

    2. These guys have no idea what they’re doing. They breed mastiff mutts and don’t even know how to do bite work.

  3. great video bro. i have a pit. most of my training has come from your knowledge, research & education. thanks bro. keep up the good work.

  4. I love how the trainer said he make sure that the dogs are balanced !! Great trainer and owner to these dogs

  5. i love how ace has two different personalities as he can be a fierce protection dog but is also gentle around kids

  6. I love how they work them but it doesn’t take away the stigma towards pit bulls. They are powerful dogs but they are lovable and sweet. That’s my opinion.

    1. This dog got mauled to death by other 2 pitbulls these same people trained. What are you talking about?

  7. My condolences! Dogs are wild animals, whether small or large dogs. You should never forget that. Street dogs fight regularly. With an unfortunate bite in combat, it can be deadly. An accident can happen to the best / most experienced owner!

    “Ace had the most beautiful life, that’s what a dog’s life is about!”

    Rest in peace Ace, I pray for you dog heaven 🙏🏻♥️

    Greetings from Germany by “Mato.Dogs” ✌

  8. Wasn’t Ace so very very special-So clever & strong. One of the most beautiful shiniest stars in the sky. RIP Baby-Boy 😘 🌈 💕💕💕

  9. I love your integrity in ensuring that the dogs are solidly stable prior to being trained as protection dogs. That’s gold, and is why you are one of the best. 😊👍🏾💖

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