September 30, 2022

Cesar Must Correct Aggressive Pitbull’s Behavior | Cesar 911


This out-of-control pit bull is lastly drawn in by Cesar Millan, and also is taken to the Dog Psychology Facility. Is the proprietor able to heed Cesar's advice as well as get this powerful pet dog under control? Obtain much more canine training ideas such as this on Cesar 911, Sundays at 10AM Eastern|9AM Central. Browse through for where to enjoy! #Dabl #DablNetwork #CordCutters #FreeTV

60 thoughts on “Cesar Must Correct Aggressive Pitbull’s Behavior | Cesar 911

  1. These people loved their dog but you could tell they just didn’t know how to handle her. Kudos to them for hiring Caesar and to be willing to learn, always worth it!

    1. @corbeau easier breeds don’t show up at shelters where people can afford to adopt them as often.

      Like, we’re assuming people just were like “let me go grab a pit with aggression issues”, when it is just as likely to be “let me go keep this shelter animal from euthanasia, and thus get a dog that doesn’t cost a thousand dollars” or “let me take care of this dog so my friend or relative doesn’t have to put them down”.

    2. Right, at least the owner is making an effort. But she should have never tried to own a dog that she didn’t know what to do with. All pets need training from the get go. She let her dog train her, lol.

    3. “Loved” her so much that they didn’t ever bother to train her so that she’d understand her part in their foreign world and, thus, she developed behavioral problems. Yet another example of why I stray (pun intended) from “dog lovers”.

  2. Moral of the story: don’t get the dog you think you want, get the dog you know you can handle.

    1. Most of the times i see a large crazy dog video the dog is owned by a woman which treats it like a spoiled child…

  3. What you don’t realize is that he does all this rehabilitation with the dogs with pure love for them such a beautiful thing to watch and learn from, we need to do everything with love with how we treat others and do things on our day to day💯

    1. Para nada, eso solo es un resumen, detrás hay mucho trabajo.
      También fijate como la perra esta agotada cuando esta con toda esa gente con perros.
      No hay magia hay trabajo.

    1. @retrodude123 Mine were Shadow and Athena! Luna is boring for pets unless it’s for a snake or something

    2. I think if this was a cat, you would feel sorry for her, so why do you make it seem like the dog is the bad person here. He is clearly stressed and needs some help, you have NO right to call her a lunatic. SO maybe stop feeling sorry for cats and laughing at dogs.

  4. I’ve only fairly recently know about Cesar Millan, his training & understanding seems to be as much about humans as it is about dogs – intriguing!

  5. One of the simplest dog training things EVERYONE should use is to not give an over hyper dog attention. You have to totally ignore the dog until it calms down, and then you can dish out the loving. Otherwise any time the dog gets excited it goes from 1 to 100 instantly.

  6. Cesar is capable of rehabilitating ANY dog in ANY condition Cesar is a pack leader, & this is what every dog seeks as a pet.
    On the other hand as cesar always says, I rehabilitate humans he teaches us how to act respond & live a peaceful life with our pets.
    Being a pack leader is not just a state of mind it’s a way of life.

    1. 100%! He’s doing more then just rehabilitation! He’s teaching people to STEP UP as leaders. Awesome dude, great mission, a true wholesome dude. Very respectable. 🙂

  7. It’s truly mind boggling how Caesar Milano learned all this stuff on his own.
    We all know that he had to go through a lot of trial-and-error to get this right which means hes probably endured some pretty bad bites throughout his career.

  8. We trained our Jack Russell and my young daughter at the same time “Smunta” became part of our pack and through gentle instruction making her aware of where she was in our pack she became a loving pet for 16 years RIP Smunta.

  9. It boggles my mind that people still think that dogs just know how to be obedient or they just know what you want them to do or how to behave. If you don’t want to train a dog, don’t get one. Also, I have a pitbull and he’s amazing. Very smart, easy to train (with consistency), very loving. He’s the best dog.

  10. I still don’t understand why people have this kind of dogs without knowing how to train and educate them….incredible….

    1. @Marshall Jobe you don’t. I said I’m not a trainer. Pit Bulls are not a bad breed and thinking the breed is doomed to be malicious by nature is just incorrect. They’re notoriously stubborn and tough but by no means dangerous. The danger comes from stigma. The stigma comes from Pit Bulls being a very popular dog fighting breed amongst the criminal world and low poverty neighborhoods. The media use to love a classic Pit Bull story too. They were very popular amongst toxic environments. Any breed will come out violent under those circumstances. I feel like most people who say Pit Bulls are dangerous never raised one or spent more than a couple hours around one. I’ve been around them my whole life so maybe I’m bias but I never seen a well-raised Pit be dangerous. Ever. It’s always the abused or trained to hurt.

    2. It’s not always by choice that you end up with this sort of dog. The reason I’m educating myself on all this material is bucause we recently just rescued a sick pitbull from the streets. We’ve taken her to many different vets and she gets aggressive when trying to treat her wounds. We live in a third world country where animals aren’t valued, so more than one person has told us to euthanize her instead because “it’s dangerous” – this has even come from the vets themselves. The dog itself is not aggressive – she’s actually very sweet and playful, she only gets aggressive when trying to handle her woulds which is a natural reaction, but she hasn’t even tried to bite. Anyone else here would’ve already tied her up, tossed her onto the street again, or put her down. So no, we didn’t choose to have her, she pretty much just ended up in our care. Im hoping we will eventually gain her trust and she will allow us to treat her so she can make a full recovery. If anyone has any tips I will gladly take them.

    3. @mishlourey Brutally honest here… and not without compassion. My compassion is for the safety of humans as well as the sickness of the dog.
      It should have been put down.

    4. It’s a lack of education. Not an uncommon thing in our world. Don’t know why your so surprised…

  11. Never seen a more agressive dog in Cesar’s show. And I know Cesar has been bitten, still this dog was out of the charts.

  12. I worked with very young children and this kind of reminds me of what happens when they are in more control of their parents than the other way around. A small child cant make good decisions and it actually makes them very anxious and insecure if they feel like no one is in charge. Not only that, they cant learn how to respect others boundaries and everything has to center around them. They get older and cant have friends because they cant tolerate limitations, and cant handle life challenges because they constantly freak out when little things dont go their way. I know kids arent like dogs but dogs can seem like kids sometimes. It seemed like Luna calmed down significantly when she realized someone else was in control, almost like she was waiting for that. It makes sense to me that he said she was confused. I hope Luna has long, calm and happy life!

    1. We are all animals needing the basics s9 yes children ,, animals are the same , some people deserve neither.

    2. @Moira Marriott animals are the same, dogs too. It’s nature to make yourself the alpha of a pack, or in human terms, the one with the most power.

  13. Ola eu assisti pela TV Pluto sou fã do Cesar, parabens por excelente trabalho e por me ensinar ser calma e acertiva, aplico essa psicologia em mim mesma.

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