September 30, 2022

66 thoughts on “Kevin Rudolf – I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)

  1. I’ll never forget when I first crossed 1 million views…I put this song on repeat.

    I still revisit every few months to relive that memory.

    1. I should have done the same but I ended up in the ER later on that day. I’m a have to do it when I get a car

  2. Just graduated Uni and this song has been in my head the whole entire time and it feels so good to listen to it now. I made it, thank you Lord

  3. “I made it” will always mean different for who hears it. For me it’s a marriage, a baby and a piece of land. 👊😁

  4. Yes, you guys did make it!

    11 years later, still one of my favorites. Nostalgia overload! Keep doing your thing! Thanks for the memories!


    1. Like we just found oil. My husband’s theories & opinions are so,.. they irk me. In short, I told him to look up which countries have the most oil and he’ll see where we’re placed. & I figured he’d gather the rest of the context. But I dont think thats how his head really operates. He didn’t even want to do that much so I said then go somewhere. I made it when I started working more locally and started saving 20s in gas :/. No but fr, when ppl r like 100 ain’t sh these days. They’re not lying

    1. My congrats 👏 😌
      Thanks for motivation bro! Stay happy and proud!.
      XD I WILL BE THE NEXT❕insha allah🤲

  5. I played this song on repeat for the remainder of the year that I found out my life was better without the fake childhood friends

  6. This song makes me have a lot of childhood memories in the past in my life for all these years and I’m very happy to hear this song 😊🙏🥲

  7. Wrestlemania 26 theme song, baby! The promotion of this for that mania was crazy! 🔥🔥🔥

  8. I grew up in a single parent household with nothing…had holes in my shoes and got made fun of and bullied all the time. We lived in the bad part of town ( seen people get shot and you knew drugs were all around)…..I am now 34 and have a successful restaurant on the gulf coast and now I can take of my mom due to her hard work she put into raising us even though times were hard…in my heart I feel like I made it

    1. @Heerann just always keep in your heart and mind that there is negativity everywhere but it’s up to you to show the world your potential….even if you lose sometimes, you never fail until you give up

    1. Literally doing this now, sat in my brand new apartment, mortgaged up to the eye balls but I’ve made it!!

    2. @Slayer 8T6 congrats man feels good when you accomplish something this song still hits in 2k22

  9. We played this tonight for my Son and the graduating Seniors of his Varsity baseball team! You made it boys. Now on to college ball. ⚾️

  10. Shout out to Lil Wayne. He changed so many lives. Influenced a whole
    Generation, put Tyga, drake, nicki, Kevin, gudda gudda, flow, short dawg, & countless others on into the game. What fucking legend. Can’t believe I got to witness his journey. Thanks Wayne for being the goat. Much love 💜

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