September 30, 2022

Money – Pink Floyd HD (Studio Version)

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Cash – Pink Floyd from the Dark Side of the moon in HD top quality

[Verses] Money
Get away
You obtain a great task with good pay and you're okay
It's a gas
Grab that cash money with both hands and also make a stockpile
New vehicle, relish, four star vision
Assume I'll purchase me a football team

Well, get back
I'm all right Jack
Keep your hands off of my pile
It's a hit
Do not give me that do reward excellent bullshit
I remain in the high-fidelity first-rate travelling collection
I believe I need a Lear jet

( outstanding solos).

It's a criminal offense.
Share it relatively.
However do not take a slice of my pie.
So they claim.
Is the origin of all evil today.
Yet if you request for a raise.
It's no surprise that they're offering none away.

" HuHuh! I was in the right!".
" Yes, definitely in the right!".
" I absolutely was in the right!".
" You was certainly in the right. That geezer was cruising for a bruising!".
" Yeah!".
" Why does any individual do anything?".
" I do not know, I was really intoxicated at the time!".
" I was simply informing him, he couldn't enter number 2. He was asking why he wasn't coming up on openly, after I was screaming and also yelling as well as telling him why he wasn't coming up on openly. It came as a heavy blow, yet we sorted the issue out".

52 thoughts on “Money – Pink Floyd HD (Studio Version)

  1. I was born in the right generation. All of these songs are easy to listen to on YouTube, and I don’t have to wait for any of them to be written.

    1. Sadly your deluded. The 70’s was the ultimate age to be a kid. I am 53 now and trust me, life before internet was fucking awesome. Anyway, my original point was this. These albums, reorded in analogue, never sounded better than when playing original LP vinyl through Analogue Japanese Stereo Amplifier and a pair of 80w RMS Two Way Speakers. The warmest tone, recorded in stereo, played in stereo.

    2. Find the record,
      Pull it out,
      Take off previous choice
      Find cut,
      Cue it up,
      Drop the cartridge on the vinyl,
      And your off to the races…….,
      Till next song,on another album,
      I have it here somewhere…..

    1. It will always be a back and forth battle until somebody realizes that we have similar interest can we please stop with the differences

    1. I introduced my parents to pink floyd ๐Ÿ˜‚ they were into pop and soul when they grew up in that era

  2. Out of all the artists of todays world, this band still stands top 10 to me. Fucking legends โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  3. This was my dad’s favorite song to listen to when he would get ready for work every day he passed away 11 years ago today r.i.p dad

  4. Pink Floyd has always always brought back my childhood the good times everything that has meant most everything good to me

    1. Same!! Practicing it right now (third day of playing my bass and it sounds like crap, but i’ll get there :D)

    2. I have been working on this on bass recently as well with some success. Have loved this song since it was first released and really love playing the bass riffs. I got to hear it performed by them in 1974 in the Atlanta Fulton County Stadium.

  5. I remember being the only black kid that knew about Pink Floyd at my HS, my white classmates would look at me with such amazement lol These men are eternal GOATS

    1. lol its gotten a bit better i think. I dont view my black friends who like this any different, yet it is still much less common than lame white kids tryna look hood tbh (not talking about white kids who just enjoy rap and the culture)

  6. I was a kid when this song came out. It never gets old. Dave Gilmour is one of the best male rock voices ever. I love the part in the background you can hear a woman say, “Cruisin’ for a bruisin'”

  7. I just love Pink Floyd so much. Every time I listen to them I really think there’s nothing better.

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