December 3, 2022

How to Potty Train your Puppy EASILY! Everything you need to know!


Just How to Potty Train a Young Puppy Fast!

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Just How to Leash Train your Puppy:

The ART of Interacting with a Dog:

How to teach your Pet dog to STOP BEGGING and calm down:

59 thoughts on “How to Potty Train your Puppy EASILY! Everything you need to know!

  1. 😮😮I’m glad you guys are enjoying the video! Get MORE dog training tips and examples on instagram! @zakgeorge Download the app and follow me there! I’m very active on instagram! I do live shows and post new videos all of the time!

  2. Who else is here because they want to be responsible and know how to properly care for and train a puppy and not just impulsively buy one?

  3. Man, this guy NEVER clickbaits. My dog cooperates with me the same way his dog does when I do what Zak says

  4. Sohan Gandra lol he did on his other test vid he never talked about it he just said it depends what pee pad you use the whole vid 😂

  5. I don’t actually own a dog but I still watch these because it’s really nice to see the young pups learning and completing tricks and always makes me smile 🙂

  6. Zak: “Dogs don’t like doing their business in their living space”
    My pup: Pees on my pillow and sleeps right on top of it.

  7. No kidding. I’ve even adopted “yes!”. If only I could be the clearly nice, honestly-never-negative-or-angry person that Zak is. Sigh.

  8. I love your videos! Thank you for sharing how to potty train pups 🙂 I would love to train my puppy to potty outside, but I was told by the breeder not to take him to outside/grass area until he’s 7 mo old to avoid the possibility of contrasting parvovirus. I would like to hear your advise on this 🙂 thank you again 😊

  9. I’m 13 and I trained 3 dogs and had another one who died recently and it’s actually pretty easy! Just never give up! And be happy towards your dog

  10. Just getting a new pupper after our last one passed a year and change ago 🙁 . I hadn’t trained a puppy in so so many years, our last one lived to be 14! Definitely need these videos for some good refresher course action for our new little fuzzball. XD Thanks so much for these videos @Zak! EDIT: I also am a serious scifi geek and love all your pupper names!!! BB and Inertia! lol

  11. After months of struggle finally today I got a puppy and now he’s sleeping on my lap. I wanted to know how to potty train him. This helped a lot. Thanks❤️

  12. This is literally the best housebreaking video I have ever seen!!! I’ve housebroken many dogs and this is exactly the fastest way to do it. Love it!!!

  13. @D watch your dog Everytime they go outside and don’t go inside if you know they need to go, once you watch them go make sure you congratulate them by saying good boy or good girl but treats work best.
    Also let your dog out every 30-45 minutes

  14. This makes me feel better about my 10wk old just not getting the idea of asking to go out. We’re teaching her to push a button to potty and she generally goes whenever she’s outside but she still tends to go inside when we aren’t consistent enough with potty breaks

  15. I’m picking my puppy in about an hour. Tutorials like this will help me prepare training her.

  16. My lab dog is now 8 months old but he neither pees nor poops outside he has chosen a spot and has become adamant not to do his business outside it feels like he holds up and whenever I am not around he goes to that particular spot and do it. So I am just upset now.

  17. @Jmfirelord haha such a valid point. I think he means he really knows what he’s talking about

  18. I have a new puppy..hes family. I would NEVER CAGE HIM! Would You cage your family???? NO NEVER.

  19. @Nitish Rajoria what you need to do is get an enzymatic cleaner. When a dog uses the restroom, it leaves a scent and later he will continue going in that spot. Using a special enzymatic cleaner in the area after an accident should help

  20. I legit started laughing when he was saying not to punish your puppy when they go inside because you may not have controlled the environment well enough or weren’t consistent enough and then says to us “maybe do a better job next time”. I am 110% loving the it’s your fault not the dogs, because it’s so true dogs have no clue at first that you don’t like when they pee in certain areas, it’s your job to teach them that.

  21. @Kika’s Klee Kai- The Alaskan Klee Kaiour dogs are paper trained. Need to go outside.

  22. @Crystal Freeman You need to take them out after feeding them and also don’t leave in crate for 8 hours. It’s expected that they will otherwise because they are learning to ‘hold it’ and make sure you clean it immediately and get the potty smell out with vinegar. It’s called training for a reason because it’s a process! Make sure to clean out and get smells out each time or they will repeat going in their bed! Mix vinegar and water and soak any bedding in it and the wash and spray their floor of crate….good luck! Crate training works but training takes time and consistancy!!

  23. @Crystal Freeman well I have a pure rottweiler pup 🐶 papers and everything and my pup 🐶 does the same thing so don’t say only muts do it cuz that’s simply not true

  24. I want to watch these videos bc I want to get a puppy because it’ll be my first, but first I’m saving up money due to my mother not wanting to help me out. I want to be prepared on how to care for a puppy.

  25. Puppies might not be fully aware of their own instincts, just like a baby human would eat anything even if it doesn’t taste like food, so he could easily end up sleeping in his own peep, because he’s unaware of the fact that it’s his pee that smells bad. That’s what eventually teaches him to pee away from his sleeping area.

  26. Firstly, love your videos. Thank you for doing them. I have 2 Bichons almost 2 years old. They were 95% potty trained but then I had to leave them alone for several hours while I nursed an elderly relative. This seemed to undo all my hard work and now I can’t get them to go potty outside. I will try your advice.

  27. I’ve had 7 dogs since I wa 13 buy never been involved in potty training.
    I’m getting one on July.

  28. In about 2 months I’m going to have my own puppy instead of taking care of my fam dog

  29. @Drip-Drift Kam all d best 🐶🐕adarr bow bow.,from chiku the underdog

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