December 3, 2022

Cesar Millan vs. OVERPROTECTIVE Rottweiler


In this video, Cesar Millan utilizes the method of redirection to produce the wanted end result with an overprotective Rottweiler.

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54 thoughts on “Cesar Millan vs. OVERPROTECTIVE Rottweiler

  1. Cesar i wish you and netflix got together to bring back a new dog whisperer show.

  2. I’ve admired Cesar since the first time I watched Dog Whisperer. I admire the calm with which he enters every situation. This is very difficult for a lot of people as I feel most of us REact instead of acting deliberately in different situations. Just watching him brings a sense of calm to me. One of my favorite phrases from Cesar goes something like ” He rehabilitates dogs, He trains people.” I strive to reach the level of calm he exudes in every aspect of my life. Although he focuses on animals, I believe humans have a lot to learn from watching him, and if we apply his methods, it would be a much nicer world to live in.

  3. The dog is trying to lick Cesar so cute, dogs love him they sense he is calm, with positive energy. When Cesar gets into the car his crew looks worried. Stella did a good job.

  4. César Millan é o cara, viu?! Total controle com os cães… sabe tudo. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  5. I love how Cesar doesn’t even give a damn. He just casually walks up to the car and gives the most chill, smoothest commands. Completely discounting the dog’s presence, as if it’s not even there barking at him. That’s how you know who the real alpha is. True control. Nothing phases him. This man is a god send.

  6. Cesar ,…um Mestre do entendimento da psique dos cães, muito obrigado por estar aqui nesse planeta nesse momento tão crucial e importante, e também pelo seu maravilhoso trabalho 💙🙏👏👏👏

  7. Cesar Milan teaching humans talk to dogs. He deserves the medal of freedom for his life’s work.

  8. Cesar, you are really amazing – you taught us so much. I don’t even know how my first dog put up with me… I had no idea what I was doing. Now we start right from day one!

  9. Of course we must talk to them. How Else do they under stand what you want them to dø!

  10. Wow, that he noticed her gas was low shows how very aware Cesar is of everything around him.

  11. I guess as long as you dont look at a vicious dog directly in the eyes you be allright

  12. It is ridiculous how commonsensical and profound at the same time Cesar’s breakdown of dog psychology is

  13. i think dog can sense people that have bad or negative vibes or attitude to animals..just my opinion

  14. As a pet sitter Im so glad I found you here Cesar.Its a big help for me.And I’m learning more from you.Thank You so Much.

  15. César, é demais. Fiquei sem respirar ao longo do vídeo. Congrats. My best wish from Brasil.

  16. Grown man crying over here! 😭😭😭😁😁😁

    Can’t stop watching Caesar’s videos. Such wonderful psychology. Not only helps me understand and communicate with our pets, but with my son as well! Can’t say enough good things about The Whisperer!

  17. I’m also a dog trainer and Cesar tips have made my job much easier Thank you Cesar Millan

  18. Cesar explained that in the video. There are different kind of barkings, when you understand dog behavior you can tell if the dog is just protective or agressive. He understood that there was no aggression and proceeded with his calm approach.
    He even told that he will never come close if the dog seemed really agressive.

  19. many dogs to play with what is your pet? I left it in the youtube comments thank you .

  20. I would like to meet Cesar one day and let him teach me some of his knowledge, experience and wisdom when it comes to dogs. You can tell Cesar is genuinely caring and has a real love and compassion for dogs and animals.

  21. @astheskylarksings And then these people euthanize those “vicious” dogs that they said they love so much but they will say it has to be done for the greater good LOL. So who really is killing the dog?

  22. That’s insane..the way the rotty learned so fast is a sign that it’s not the dog, it’s the owner.

  23. @Harlow the men with the big heads are the complete opposite of what Cesar exudes. A centered, calm, (in) self-controlled person will have the smallest ego and the utmost humility.

  24. I still don’t understand how you can project calm energy when a rottweiler is barking aggressively in your face. I feel like I’d either need to be a zen monk or have a degree in human and animal psychilpgyt.

  25. @astheskylarksings it makes sense, he still belives in the debunked pack leader thing and he has actually abused dogs behind the scenes and he also has no education in dog behavior.

  26. i love how he comes to such a huge dog and just keeps his calm by redirecting his energy to the dog’s owner, which projects towards the dog. love this guy

  27. It’s all about emotions which will reflect from the owners down to their dogs

  28. Y’all have a point. But mabe she shouldn’t hav gotten a Rottweiler.
    Dogs like that NEED affective communication.

  29. @656ûí right! That’s my rotty. Not a vicious dog. He just protect his pack and never be a fighter to bite or maybe kill somebody 🤗🥰🥰( how people thinking 💭

  30. @p voss you’re ridiculous a dog isn’t dangerous the people who took care of the dog to make it that way are. Pts are not violent I’ve had at least 5 in my lifetime and NONE of them have been aggressive towards ANY dog cat or person. If you raise your dog to be a sweet and loving dog that’s exactly what it will be.

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