September 30, 2022

Dire Straits / Sting – Money For Nothing (Live Aid 1985)


Dire Straits as well as Sting executing at Live Aid in front of 72,000 people in Wembley Arena, London on the 13th July, 1985. The event was arranged by Sir Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to raise funds for the Ethiopian scarcity disaster. Program across the world using one of the largest satellite link-ups of perpetuity, the performances were seen by about 40% of the international population.
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65 thoughts on “Dire Straits / Sting – Money For Nothing (Live Aid 1985)

  1. Live Aid was probably the best concert ever. The Who, Queen, Dire Straits, Tears For Fears, Bowie, Phil Collins, Mick Jagger, Neil Young, Sting, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Judas Priest, Hall and Oates, just some of the acts. I’d be keeping my ticket stub from that concert anyway.

    1. @LTGonline I was there! It was fantastico 🥰🌹💐💖!thank s to the universe that I lived in Philly at the✨✨🌹💕 time of this fantastic concert🥰🌹

    1. @Lorenzo79 You have it the wrong way round, Omar Hakim played the rest of the song while Terry played the intro

    2. @Lorenzo79 No it isn’t, the intro is by Terry and the rest of the song is played by Omar. Look it up

    1. It was him originally on the track too. But I’m sure this is one of the few times he got to do it live with them.

    2. You know you’re Sting when you bring Stevie Wonder on for a harmonica part for one song and that’s it lol. Which actually happened at a concert I went to.

  2. I remember playing Dire Straits in the car and my friend said his Dad had got all their albums. I was surprised as his Dad didn’t really strike me as the music loving type. I was like “Does your Dad like Dire Straits?!” and he replied “Well.. everyone likes Dire Straits”.

    1. @CorredorDigital hmmm…I’m a woman and I loved them even before I had kids. Still do. And so do my grownup kids. Will start working on my grandkids soon 😃

  3. This song is epic! Legendary version! I actually prefer this version than the one from the album! Great band and great performance!!

  4. Великолепно ! Вот это качественная музыка – настоящие профессионалы…

  5. Dire Straits foi sem dúvida nenhuma uma das melhores bandas da Galáxia.
    Curto demais esses caras 👏🏼👏🏼🎸🎸🎸🎸

  6. I remember I was 9 years old jumping around my living room to this concert. I somehow understood the importance of It back then and it’s one of my memories I’ve grown up with my whole life. Nostalgic

    1. it’s not important.. it’s just a pop song played over and over on the radio. Yeah music can be a fun distraction. I make a living doing it.. but it’s not important.

    2. @OF-THE-WORLD I disagree. Art is one of the few things that separate humans from all other living things on this Earth, and music is an art. It is therefore extremely important in my view.

  7. the most underappreciated guitar riff of all time. Most people can’t grasp how impressive this riff is and is always below the more common known riffs which is sad cuz this riff is leagues above any other riff that has been created.

    1. @AceMan 600 That is your opinion. Back from the Dead is one of my favourite songs. The guitar riff is better than anything that came from the classic rock era

  8. Besides the astoundingly amazing music, you know what I love? How freaking happy they look, performing that masterpiece live!
    *Broken record*: words can’t describe how privileged I feel to have been a teenager in those days!
    PS – Sting is such a dedicated backing singer 😀

  9. Dire Straits já é uma banda maravilhosa e com a participação de Sting, sem comentários! Eu vivi isso! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  10. I was fortunate enough to be alive when these guys were at the top of their game. I will be forever grateful!

    1. You and me both – words can’t describe how grateful I am to have been a teenager in the 80s

  11. Música así ya no se hace!!! Puro espectáculo y pura magia es lo que en un futuro nos esperaba al oír grupos como este en aquel entonces.

  12. La intro de esta canción es de las mejores que he escuchado, y sin embargo en las radios no la ponen. Una gran versión en vivo.

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