September 30, 2022

Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees ft. Jay Rock (Music Video)


Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees ft. Jay Rock (Music Video).

Follower Made Video|2012.

Relax In Tranquility Alori Joh (Voice: Anna Wise).

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73 thoughts on “Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees ft. Jay Rock (Music Video)

  1. This song feels so good always listen to this…i can listen to this 100 times a day and it will never get old.

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  2. This song literally changed my life.
    My best friend passed away when i was 17 and this was played at his funeral. Every time i hear this song it inspires me to do better.
    This will always be my favourite song. Big love.

  3. First time i heard this i was 14 in highschool now i’m 20 nearly 21, those were better days that i wish i could go back to. Apreciate and live every moment to it’s fullest because time flies by and doesn’t stop for anyone.

    1. @Travis Rowe a lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way I’m trynna understand I’ll admit I’ve been waiting to have the time of my life like I did 4 years ago when I was 18 19 but I’ve learned you have to life now or it’ll pass you by cause I like at those bad years I’ve had and I actually had alot of fun but I was so stuck I couldn’t enjoy it at that time

  4. Still bangs even 8years later and I will be playing this to my kids my grandkids for sure 💯💯💯

    1. OMG Jade Tell it like it is 4SURE!!! This beautiful beat and lyrics just flows AMAZINGLY!!! Video str8 FIRE!! Still listenin how about May 21 2021

    1. 9 meanwhile, Time is running guys. I remember listening to this by playing Black Ops 2 and just vibing at Search and Destroy, I’m 25 meanwhile.. damn time is running huh

  5. This song holds a lot of memories for me. When this song came out I was an 18 yr homeless girl, and I would take the bus down to Inglewood/LAX to go work my shift at the strip club. I remember always listening to this song on the bus and thinking how much I wish I had a real money tree so I can afford a safe home and stop stripping. This was one of hardest times of my life. Thankfully I got a full ride to UCLA a few years later, stopped stripping, and the rest is history….but I never stopped listening to this song. The emotions it brings up in me is the same as it was when I first started listening to this song 9 years ago.

    1. @Spartan_AP I love j.cole aswell they are my two favourite rappers personally I love Kendrick Lamar I also love j.cole

    2. @Spartan_AP Average J cole fan lmao, do you even bother to listen to anybody elses lyrics or do you just ride j cole all day?

    3. @Spartan_AP J cole cant be compared to Kendrick the best song J cole has is literally about folding laundry

  6. I remember not really paying attention to this song when the album came out. Then I got high and happened to come across it in 2019. Literally changed my whole perspective and it’s now one of my favourite of all time.

  7. This seriously might be my all time favorite beat. If you can sample a beach house track and manage to make it better or equally as good as the original, you’ve seriously done something magical

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