June 25, 2022

71 thoughts on “Birdman – Money To Blow ft. Lil Wayne, Drake

    1. The Obama Years were honestly truly blessed. Not a care in the World. Now I’m an adult, racism & fascism has been on the rise in the U.S., Covid-19 Pandemic, everything just sucks.

    1. Was listening to am on one just now then thought of what Wizzy said about drake on this song, I had to come give it a listen.

    1. New kids will never understand how good rap was during this time period 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ especially Wayne and drake

    2. Fr they were iconic since forever from the 90s hotboys, cash money, hence birdman & lil wayne creating and bringing ymcmb together and them still basically taking over the middle to late 2000’s, they all went there ways, and still stayed relevant from 2010 to 2015 and today in 2021 drake is still on the top. Lil wayne, drake, nicki, birdman & tyga are still here have been making nothing but hits. And here to stay since their still young.

    1. big money days still and the best soundtrack for it hahaha no regrets these kids just dont know the vibes lol brap

  1. Bro i was 13 and I remember when I first learned how to record ringtones. This was this first song I recorded and I set it as my alarm clock for school. Life was sweet as hell lol.

    1. Good fucking timesss on goddd lmao everyone just seemed way more cool n chill back then idk something in the air

    2. Yea I feel you I was 14 at the time I also remember watching a lot of old music videos on comcast on demand i believe 🤙🏼

    1. I’m 19 now, I was 7 when this came out and lemme be real, 2007-2013 was when I actually enjoyed music at its finest.

    1. Wayne never lost it, he just quit making it. There was a video on here I saw years ago of him talking about how he knows the tracks he puts out now are trash, he just does it for a check.

    2. @Stemp09 That was years ago. It honestly feels like the passion has come back and in the last 5 years he’s been putting out music with some of his best ever rapping.

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