June 25, 2022

59 thoughts on “P Square – Taste the Money (Testimony) [Official Video]

  1. I am white British and i first heard p-square while I was visiting Africa, and since then i have been hooked on their music. One worry i have is that they will sell out and become too mainstream and forget about their musical roots. I hope they keep their traditional African themes in their music & videos, because they’ve tasted what it’s like to be a music star in the U.S and it can damage artists. 

    1. I am Puerto Rican and proud AF of my African soul/roots 💯
      Props to you, my fellow Caribbean homie <3

  2. This was indeed a very talented duo that really made africa proud.I’m longing for the day they will do a reunion.

    1. @Elvis Ononaku Really? They say blood is thicker than water.Are they planning on doing a project soon? I really was a fan of psquare. Anyways let’s wait and see what they have in store.

    1. No sorry… It’s more of modern “highlfe”… A music genre originated from the Igbos in Nigeria… You should make sure before you speak… The fact that they spoke french doesn’t make it Congolese

    2. @GINO MONOCHROME igbos didnt create highlife highlife started in ghana we copied ghanians and added our own igbo traditional music to create igbo highlife this song entails Congolese music rumba literally

  3. In November 2014, I was 9 months pregnant for my son so my husband and I traveled from Nagoya to Tokyo to visit his elder brother, we were at his bar when the Japanese DJ played this song, I stood up and danced with my big tummy and all the foreigners were surprised and most of the Nigerian guys bought me drinks. Greetings from Japan.

  4. Some music never gets old
    No matter the years every time you listen to it ;
    It is so refreshing ♥️♥️♥️

  5. When I remember my past life I feel so disappointed…..but now things have changed…..I love this music…my testimony.. with GOD everything is possible in Jesus’s name…..Amen

  6. P square’s songs are still a vibe I really love them my mother use to play this songs a lot I really love them

  7. Love them just looking at them I get chills I listen to it every day and that’s my testimony ❤

  8. This jam still slaps harder than my daddy’s belt

    2022 all the way 💃🕺🎶

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