June 25, 2022

The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction And 3 Uncommon Cures


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If you've ever been ready to have sex with a girl but could not execute when it was time, then you understand exactly how embarrassing ED can be. So on this video you'll find out how to avoid impotence, elevate your sex-related sex drive, and improve you sex-related performance.

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37 thoughts on “The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction And 3 Uncommon Cures

  1. I love you Tripp! I’ve been experiencing this. I think not having an sexual interaction with a woman for three years has been another reason for me. Ugh!

  2. Good informative video and I’m sure it works in most situations. I have tried these before but having kidney disease for over 10 years, being on dialysis and suffering from a priapism that needed 3 surgeries to correct I haven’t found anything that works well yet.

  3. Tripp, I would like to thank you for the video. It was right on time. I appreciate your courage to share information that is relevant for so many!

  4. Ed needs to be taken more seriously because I suffered from it and if it wasn’t for my curiosity I would have never found out that masturbation and porn were the causes of it. I really believe that this should be taught in schools to kids every where so they don’t ruin there sexual lives and aren’t able to make love with their partner, and go on not knowing that a simple think like porn is ruining it for them. Ed should be taken very seriously.

    1. What about not wanting to make unexpected babies? We had sex ed in grade school with parent approval. After that, while watching a movie, when they would come to a love scene, the 1st thing going through my mind was, “unexpected pregnancy.”

  5. Thanks, Tripp. I keep hearing about all the negatives about porn so I’m going to give it up & cut down masturbation to 0 or 1 per week. I used to have a fear that if I didn’t masturbate, then somehow I would have performance problems. Seems to be the opposite. I think I will try Maca, but that Spartagen seems to be a bit expensive. It may be worth trying once. And I still have my little blue & pink pills on reserve (for close encounters).

  6. Well done Tripp! Exactly all that I’ve been preaching for years. I work with youths at church and community levels, and my solution to this problem has been just as you say.

  7. I believe that most young guys with low testosterone can simply raise their testosterone back up to high levels by reducing stress. I had low testosterone all through my teen years and early 20’s due to overtraining/adrenal fatigue. I had a ripped body as well. Once i stopped working out hard, & started eating a lot of good high calorie foods & sleeping better my libido & quality of life skyrocketed. I feel better at 25 than i ever had before simply by being healthy.

  8. Thanks buddy. I agree porn screws things up for us guys. Since we are visual creatures it can become a trap quickly. I am guilty of it. I am gonna give this step an honest try because when I see girls at the gym or out I don’t get that excitement anymore. Plus masturbation has been just as much an addiction as my smoking used to be to the point where I overdid it on occasion and couldn’t even get myself excited. I am a healthy 42 yr old man who’s in between relationships so I think I have time to put this into practice. I feel good about the outcome. Thanks again… Jeff B.

  9. This dude may be right. I’ve noticed that whenever I indulge myself to excessive porn on a daily, even twice a day basis, cause I need immediate gratification, I find it hard to function and associate in real-life sexual encounter after I finally get intimate with someone. Whenever I make the conscious choice to abstain from masturbation, my libido comes back stronger than ever. As a porn-star once said… “Sex is all about expressing emotions!” and those emotions get diluted with over self-indulgence.

  10. This actually made my cry, because I suffer from this disfunction. it’s very hard to not think about this problem, and by thinking about this problem it’s just getting worse and worse. I have tried everything and it’s not working. I pray everyday just to be like a normal person/man. It’s very tuff.

    1. @noula frantz bro what you did to solve your problem… please bro please help me…
      Hiw much time did it take

  11. Thanks bro..I’m at my 30’s and since I just first experience sex few years ago I’m going through the same dilemma. At least few of what you mentioned might have been the cause. It’s pretty embarrassing. And yes, I’m gonna try meditation and should stay way from watching anything online lol

  12. When this video started, I thought it would be a lot of CRAP, but it turned out to be VERY good, solid advice.  Don’t smoke, limit alcohol, stay away from street drugs, get away from porn, eat right with vegetables and fruit, don’t masturbate too often, and learn to relax before during and after sex.  I would add that you should be very careful about Rx drugs from your doctor.  Some medications can actually cause ED!  The worst offenders are anti-depressants, opioids, and blood pressure medications.  By all means, if you are taking these meds, don’t just stop taking them without talking to your doctor first.  Being over weight is also an erection killer.

  13. This is the first video on YouTube that works. This guy really knows what he’s talking about

  14. Tripp thanks for this!
    Oddly, one thing I appreciate is that you said “180” instead of “360” and that indicated to me that you’re a thinker and not simply spouting off whatever.

  15. Tripp, all power to you! This is such powerful advice! I suddenly have a ton of respect for you. This is PRECISELY the reason why most religions discourage porn and masturbation. There are MARRIED people out there who are not turned on to regular sex, the only way they can enjoy sex is with their fist. So sad. I cannot think of a more spiritual and meditative experience then making love to a woman. Someone who it is all about just pleasuring themselves is missing out on so much of life.

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  17. It`s for certain. Time has gone by just before things work out. I started utilizing this ED treatment solution around 3PM. Wife came home around 9pm from a school event exactly where she been working. Good thing is everything works well. Years have passed since I have have this good results. I think this isn`t by chance.

  18. I have vigilantly utilized this ED medication each night before bed and I also seem like I`ve really wakened my drive again. I simply have to make fun to my wife many times. Getting focused on my every day work as a plumber has been enhanced with this treatment solution. What they put in here works and I`m glad its all natural alternatives.

  19. It`s truly a great ED treatment plan to get over some of your problems in the bed room. I`m happy with regards to having discovered it since I was attempting to overcome my lack of ability to keep at attention. Obtaining a good experience every evening I employ this helpful guide.

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