June 25, 2022

Erectile Dysfunction Exercises | Kegel Exercises for Men | Erectile Dysfunction Exercises


Erectile Dysfunction Exercises|Kegel Exercises for Men|Impotence Therapy

In this video clip, Dr. Himanshu Dhawan gives exercise for #erectiledysfunction.

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Impotence is the inability to keep #peniserection throughout #sexualactivity. Exercise will certainly assist the client and boost blood flow to the pelvic area. There are 3 workouts that aid a person with erectile dysfunction:.

1. #DhanurAsanas.
Lie on your belly and then hold your webs with your hands for 5 secs and loosen up after every 5 secs. A patient ought to repeat this 10 times.

Keep back in contact with the flooring. Increase your legs straight up. Repeat 5 times.

3. #KegelExercises – Kegel Exercises for Males.
Lie on the flooring, tighten your pelvic muscular tissues and also repeat it 12 times.

#dr _ health.

35 thoughts on “Erectile Dysfunction Exercises | Kegel Exercises for Men | Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

  1. I m heartily grateful to u …bro for making a knowledgeable video on male fertility….

  2. Sir I am experiencing mild pain under pelvic area from past 8 months. It’s made me feel uncomfortable normally & while sleeping also & it also causing ED issues. I have consulted 2-3 Urologist & gastro specialist also, but no benefits from that.
    Kindly provide guidance regarding above issue.

  3. Sir, I am a heart patient. I had my angioplasty back in 2014, have a stent placed for one single block. Are these exercises safe in my case..

  4. Hello Sir, Thanks for sharing these exercises i am following and it is very effective, works like magic. So thankful to you.
    But i noticed when i doing this before or after having sex or masturbation i get pimples on my face (specifically the Bridge pose and in addition i also do the butterfly pose ) Kindly advice me on this sir. Thank you

  5. Very Dear Sir , I want to give you a very very BIG THANKS. Since a long time I have been suffering from urine problem. One day I saw your program on YOU TUBE. I started the excercise according your demonstration. I did this practice for 3 to 4 months. Today I feel very comfortable. Now I do this excercise daily. I feel very good. God bless you.

    1. A month is a long time! I’ve seen results in less than 1 week bro! I’m talking about 3 days!

    2. @Prafull Tikkas yes…it’s Permanent solution for E D…It’s proven…

  6. Hello sir…thank you for sharing this sensitive but equally important video.my concern is suddenly from last month I am facing the e.d problem….we started child planning from last month and after having back to back relationship in 4 days…I became exhausted and e.d problem started from the last month…I never face d this issue earlier and now I am also worried about the same…I have started doing the exercise which you have shown from pastv3 days,but somewhere in my mind it’s pinching me that all of a sudden how this problem occurred…if u can help me out would be really grateful.i am 31

    1. Kindly share your contact number with us. Our doctors will guide you with treatment.

  7. Having you as my doctor is also a positivity that I don’t really have to bother about any sickness or virus,because your herbal medication of erectile dysfunction has shown not only me but the world how good your products are and I’ll keep recommending you..

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