June 25, 2022



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Transparency: We made use of motion picture money when making this video. Every person that got money in the video clip were paid by check after they left for safety objectives( I can't simply carry 6 figures in cash money lol). Every person received 100% of the money they were provided.

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i bet your mosting likely to examine this currently for secret messages …

53 thoughts on “I Opened A FREE BANK

  1. No one:
    Mr beast: “I’d rather have no money, and see this.” This is the most selfless amazing man. Thank you Jimmy for being an amazing man.

  2. Man I literally love this guy!! Mrbeast saw you on Joe Rogan and loved everything I heard…now I’m hooked on your content. From BC, Canada keep rocking the free world buddy!

  3. Way to go jimmy, you have a good heart buddy. Keep pumpin out vids and makeing the world a better place, one $ at a time

    1. @SLG TV my guy, “vids” is just internet ling, and “video’s” isn’t even right. it’s videos without the ‘

  4. This dude gives away money and when I saw those peoples tears of joy I knew that he done a right thing thank you 💗

  5. Mr beasttt you just made another level of happiness for the earth and the people continue your hardwork

  6. This is so EPIC and so awesome
    The extent Mrbeast and his team do to help people
    Salute to you Mrbeast for doing this kind of content and for continue doing this as of today
    May you do this kind of things more and I will support you and your team all the way

  7. Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s already been 2 and a half years. Since then, Mrbeast has grown so much.

    1. Blown through well over $10,000 in my trade account since April, I need some help to recover. I hope she’s the fiduciary I’ve been looking for.

    2. Here in Canada, we don’t really believe in Forex but trade with Elena Carmen changed my idealogy.

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