December 3, 2022

Rescue Abandoned Puppies Building Mud House Dog And Fish Pond For Red Fish


Rescue Abandoned Puppies Building Mud House Dog And Fish Pond For Red Fish. In my place have a lots of puppies abandoned every where, so i make a decision to accumulate and also rescue dogs 4 and also make a tiny conformable mud residence with water fall fill mini swimming pool and playground lawn before residence for these inadequate pups. This video i build the fish pond around mud pet dog house as well as raising some red fish with water wheel. I hope you all delight in with this video clip, thank you please subscribe as well as sound symbol to get more brand-new video clips upgrade.
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45 thoughts on “Rescue Abandoned Puppies Building Mud House Dog And Fish Pond For Red Fish

  1. *Do u like puppies?*
    Like : yes 👍
    Comment : No ↩

    I just want to know that how many people’s are love them

    And really i love dogs and puppies sooo much they are very innocent and cute….and 😋
    Edit – Ohh so Many Like I got first time

  2. Imagine just hiking around a forest and then u stumble upon this tiny house, confused and puzzled who’d live there then suddenly a bunch of puppies come out and attack you with kisses. What a dream.

  3. What a clever young man. A natural mechanical engineer. So creative. Wow!

  4. Красота!!!Парень молодец!Удачи!

  5. Tem que respeitar o belo trabalho que ele fez e ainda deu um lar para os cachorrinhos força foco e fé quase 850 milhões de visualizações tem artistas famosos que não tem a metade de visualizações

  6. Que Ternura Me Gustaría Adoptarlos Son Muy Tiernitos Ay Qué Ternuraaaa 💖💖💖🥰🥰😘

  7. I adore you, you are great fellows for building a house for dogs😊😊

  8. Muito obrigado por dar um lar para esses cachorrinhos , que Deus o abençoe ❤️🙏

  9. esta muy bonita 😂💖💖😄😄💖😄👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  10. -Hermosa elección- PUTSEX.UNO
    de los mejores conciertos❤
    22:22 Senada: “Hermoso”
    22:22 Megan: “Hotter”
    22:22 Hopi: “Sweeter”
    22:22 Yoongi: “Butter”
    22:22 Amor: “Momentos”
    22:22 Alfiora: “Preety”
    22:22 Alana: “Awesome”
    22:22 Joonie: “Cooler”
    22:22 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no
    puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla,se que estuvo sorprendente zifn🖤 15:55 Son unos
    de los mejores conciertos🖤

  11. Hope he has many children and home schools them. Most amazing talent I have ever watched on this subject.

  12. ​@Balo 😅😅😅😮ىمةمارزن❤😂❤موومككىحح رم ان خاح ما ه خطر ابسؤى😊 موز
    غالمةر له اغنية و رح😊😊

  13. I love seeing those little cute puppies huhu 💗
    Love from The Philippines🇵🇭

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