May 28, 2022

67 thoughts on “Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike

    1. Cathryn Bjork I’m not sure how many of the rest of us believe that they committed suicide either seeing as they were both coming out about the elites and politicians involved with pedophilia and pedo island.

  1. imagine going for a peaceful walk on the beach and running into Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder jamming on the shore?

    1. I drank beer for 8/9 plus hours with Eddie ( and Jeff) in 1999 in a bar in LA…
      Eddie told me he was a drug dealer..
      I had no idea who he was…. 😀😀😀
      Didn’t realise for years who they’d been!!!!
      True story.

  2. This was my highschool. My mom died when I was a junior and this music. The 90s grunge saved me. Soundgarden, Pearl jam, Nirvana, NIN etc. I was super close with my brother. He passed away in June at 39. I’m drawn back to the music that saved me before hoping like hell it still has the same magic cause baby…. I’m barely hanging on. I understand why some people don’t make it 💔

    1. Sending love, hope, and prayers your way. I hope you’re doing better since writing this post.

    2. Lost my brother a month ago (suïcide ) – we loved this music so much. Music migrates me so close to him. All my love sweet bro Filip – you drummed me to other shores – stay close …..

  3. Eddie Vedder makes Chris Cornells voice sound like God. Singing octaves above Eddie with that haunted angel shriek. It’s pure bliss.!!


    2. @Cathy Rutherford GOAT is a slang internet term for Greatest Of All Time. Perhaps that’s all @Jack Robinson meant.

  4. The super emotional voices of Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder and the amazing instrumentals… That what we can call a masterpiece

    1. Helen, my late grandmother would call you a “spring chicken” (for those who don’t get the meaning it is ‘young!’ I’m 4 years older than you… it absolutely is one of the greatest rock songs of all time! 👍 😎

  5. It’s a shame they never made another song together. Their chemistry is amazing. I’d put their voice chemistry next to Jerry Cantrell and Layne Staley’s.

    1. @Dustin Morrill Dustin M. Sounds like a dream. I’m a dreamer. We have Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl. They sang well together, also. Ty. Hopeful a Garage Tape will surface with your dream Collab. Rock🤘Salute! 🙂

    2. @Gh0st I also agree, after listening to the album a couple more times I’ve been listening to say hello to heaven over and over again. Such an emotional and powerful song which is even more so when you consider this album is dedicated to Andrew wood- an amazing song with even more amazing vocals

    3. Be careful, not Alice.They have there own sounds.This is one of the best out of that great time of Rock and Roll.😎🇺🇸

  6. This song has never left my mind. Never will. It’s one of those incredible masterpieces that will never be done ever again. Thank you for this and RIP Chris.

  7. When I hit play I immediately got chills, throughout the song. A song that gives you chills throughout its entire duration is a masterpiece. The ’90s was truly the best era for pretty much all types of music, except pop, that is, in my opinion.

    1. @YouTube Hates Free Speech His stuff in the ’80s was better in my opinion. ’90s stuff was ok but, not the best in my person opinion. 🙂

  8. Masterpiece. Both of them are perfect on this. Thankful Chris asked Eddie to be a part of Temple Of The Dog it made for one of the best songs I’ve ever heard to this day.

  9. I’m not even going to dare trying to sing Chris’s part, nobody could ever sing like that except for him and we will never hear another voice like that again, definitely one of a kind, Chris and Layne Staley are the best voices of the 90s in my opinion, honestly the best voices ever

    1. @Rok Prijatelj Me too. I don’t think I have a vocal style. Not important if it’s bangin’ heartfelt. Cheers

  10. Chris Cornell compliments this song so well, its as if he was born just for this but we all know that’s not true he has shown us all time and time again how talented he truly was RIP legend!

  11. Reminds me of being a teenager. Played this album over and over. Great carefree days when the school holidays seemed to last forever 🤘🤘

  12. Magical–love the fact that its only them & thier talent…no women no cars & no showing off….just pure gold

  13. Muito foda a opurtunidade que Chris deu para seu amigo Eddie um verdadeiro hino até hoje 30 anos depois pqp que porrada

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