January 18, 2022

Silent Hill PS5 Exclusive From Hideo Kojima Potentially Debunked by Insider – ComicBook.com

A reputable video game industry insider has shot down the idea that beloved creator Hideo Kojima will be working on a new game associated with the Silent Hill franchise. In recent days, new reports have started to emerge, once again suggesting that Kojima is currently working on a Silent Hill title that is in collaboration with both Konami and PlayStation. Despite this idea exciting a large number of fans, though, one leaker has suggested that this project won’t be coming to fruition. 

According to Millie Amand, who has been a frequent source of information when it comes to moves involving PlayStation in recent months, Kojima Productions is not working on a new Silent Hill game. Amand was asked by one user on Twitter recently whether or not the recent reports of Kojima developing a title within the series alongside Konami and PlayStation was true, and she didn’t mince words in her reply. While she didn’t offer up many additional details on this rumor, she gave a definitive “no” on the matter. 

It’s worth stressing that Amand has had a very good track record in recent months, especially when it comes to leaks associated with PlayStation. She has previously been one of the first people to report on the date of PlayStation’s September presentation, teased the reveal of Marvel’s Wolverine for PS5 ahead of its official announcement, and also beat another report to the punch when it came to revealing a new potential Metal Gear Solid title. Given how accurate she has been recently, it stands to reason that she could very well be correct with this situation involving Kojima and Silent Hill. Still, given how none of this can be outright verified, take it with the usual grain of salt. 

Even though we might still be left with questions involving this situation for the time being, it stands to reason that we could learn more about what Hideo Kojima is working on next in the year future. Given that his studio’s most recent project, Death Stranding, launched nearly two years ago, it seems about time for the creator to divulge what he’s working on next. When that announcement comes to fruition, we’ll keep you in the loop here on ComicBook.com.

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