January 17, 2022

Star Wars: Squadrons Available For Free, Limited-Time Only – Epicstream

It is no secret that EA made a lot of popular titles for Star Wars games and one of those just became available for free, however, it would only be for a limited time. Star Wars: Squadrons, on the anniversary of its first release on PC, is offered for free on Prime Gaming through Amazon so while it lasts, grab yours now.

The deal of having Star Wars: Squadrons free for a limited time would only be available for PC through Prime Gaming on Amazon. It does not extend to PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, or any other means. However, the offer does not specifically state when the limited-time lapses. Still, once you download it, it remains yours so long as you can maintain your Prime account.

Star Wars: Squadrons, set in the iconic universe of the franchise, is a space combat game by Electronic Arts. There are two modes for the players, either multiplayer or single-player. It is from a first-person perspective where players get to control starfighters. It first became available on October 2, 2020, and fittingly, it became available for free on the first anniversary of the game.


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It follows the setting after Return of the Jedi wherein there are campaign alternates between the Galactic Empire’s Titan Squadron and the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron. Their involvement in the Republic’s Project Starhawk does not meet eye to eye as the Vanguard Squadron aims to ensure the completion of the project while the Titan Squadron will do everything to destroy it.

More experience means more upgrades, weapons, shields, and other cosmetic items for the pilot and the ship making it an engaging game.

With such immersive gameplay and good multiplayer components, the game has been receiving positive reviews since its release, however, some criticize the lack of content or story behind the game.

Grab Star Wars: Squadrons for free now on this link.

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