January 17, 2022

PlayStation Now Leaked Games Include Huge Addition – ComicBook.com

October’s PlayStation Now games have seemingly leaked, and it looks like PS4 and PS5 players subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass alternative are getting one of last generation’s best and most controversial games. Over on the PlayStation Store, in the United Kingdom, the PlayStation Now section has been updated with games that aren’t currently available via the subscription service, but will presumably be announced next week, perhaps alongside a rumored upgrade that would take the service to the next level.

One of these games — the aforementioned title that is both popular yet divisive — is The Last of Us Part 2, which released summer 2020 to a 93 on Metacritic, strong sales, but also to controversy that ultimately undermined both of these achievements. That said, if added, it will be one of the service’s biggest and most notable games yet. 

In addition to this, it looks like Fallout 76 is being added as well, which is interesting given that it is technically an Xbox game now. Of course, this could indicate Xbox may play ball with PlayStation on some Bethesda games, but it also could be a deal that was in the works before Bethesda was acquired. And of course, it could be indicative of neither of these things. 

The third and fourt leaked games are Desperados III — which may not seem as notable as Fallout 76 and The Last of Us Part II, but it shouldn’t be slept on — and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. The latter needs no introduction, but the former was released by Mimimi Productions and THQ Nordic in 2020, and currently boasts a very solid 86 on Metacritic, making it one of 2020’s sleeper hits. 

All of that said, for now, take all of this with a grain of salt given that all of it is relayed by a leak, not an official announcement or press release. There’s little room to doubt that these games are coming to the subscription service, but for now, this hasn’t been confirmed. 

PlayStation Now is available via the PS4 and PS5. At its best rate, a 12-month subscription can be copped for $60. For more coverage on not just PlayStation Now, but PlayStation Now, PlayStation VR, and all things PS4 and PS5, click here.

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