May 28, 2022

PSA: iPhone 13 Pro might be nearly incompatible with the MagSafe Duo – 9to5Mac

According to the image listed below, the leather case interferes when putting the iPhone on the MagSafe Duo battery charger. Obviously, Parra will need to test it himself to see how this will impact his iPhone 13 Pro, although it looks like it could be an issue.

If the new phones perform in truth struggle to link to a MagSafe Duo battery charger, Apple shouldve released a revised variation by now.

Because the video electronic camera module cutout is smaller sized, iPhone 13 and 13 mini users will most likely have no problem with the MagSafe Duo charger. With the iPhone 13 Pro Max, on the other hand, this must not be a problem since the phone is a lot bigger.

Update: A video from MKBHD shows that while the iPhone 13 Pro does handle the MagSafe Duo, the fit is not perfect.

According to the Spanish Apple blog site La Manzana Mordida, one of their readers bought an iPhone 13 Pro in addition to an official leather case. With the arrival of his case, Alejandro Parra attempted to put it on his MagSafe Duo battery charger and saw that thinking about that the video camera module cutout is too huge, there wasnt complete compatibility.

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The uncommon thing is that Apple sent a modified MagSafe battery charger with the FCC a couple of weeks earlier, as found by 9to5Macs Filipe Espósito. When the business revealed the brand-new iPhone, the only MagSafe item revealed was a customized Wallet with Find My mix.

As you all understand, a couple of months earlier, there was controversy concerning the brand-new Magic Keyboard, as the M1 iPad Pro was a bit wider than its previous model. With that, Apple launched a modified Magic Keyboard simply to make sure the iPad stayed firmly connected.

If this ends up being the case, its uncertain why Apple hasnt launched a revised MagSafe Duo charger. It will not take long to find how it will affect users, as the brand-new iPhones are presenting tomorrow in the United States and other choose markets.

With less than a day up until customers begin getting their iPhone 13 orders, a report shows that youll require to be cautious when placing the iPhone 13 Pro on the MagSafe Duo charger considering that its electronic video camera module is too substantial …

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