January 18, 2022

The Mysterious Google Maps Change Causing So Much Confusion on Android Auto – autoevolution

In addition to the standard navigation capabilities, nevertheless, Google Maps likewise features a series of bonus, some less noticeable than others but still playing a vital function in the general experience with the app.
Among these features is how Google Maps changes to various types of cars and trucks and screens. If you own a right-hand-drive car, Google Maps can automatically adjust its user interface to show the essential details better to the vehicle driver.
For instance, no matter the kind of car you own (left- or right-hand-drive), Google Maps always expose the most crucial navigation details better to the chauffeur, which makes perfect sense supplied the app needs to be first and main utilized by the private behind the wheel
However as it ends up, a recent adjustment in Google Maps has actually made the entire thing extremely perplexing for lots of users, as the style in right-hand-drive cars and trucks has really been reset to look like in a left-hand-drive model when running the app on Android Auto.

Needless to state, such a style modification is as unanticipated as it gets, typically making Google Maps a lot more hard to make use of, particularly with the navigation made it possible for.
On the other hand, its not precisely clear what triggered this modification in Google Maps. Google itself has validated its examining reports that Google Maps utilizes the LHD setup in RHD trucks and cars and trucks, and this seems a recommendation its all just a bug and not the designated practices.
Exists anything you can do to revive the best mode in your automobile? Not really, quite much due to the reality that the generic workarounds used today do not appear to be making any distinction. Resetting Google Maps, clearing the cache, and all the other common techniques do not restore the anticipated habits in Google Maps, with users required to stay with some necessary information showed closer to the guest instead of the chauffeur themselves.
Just as anticipated, users look out that such an adjustment makes Google Maps not just more complicated and harder to use, however also sidetracking and, often, hazardous.

Sadly, those whore having issue with this problem and consider Google Maps confusing and even harmful behind the wheel have no other option than to change to another navigation app, a minimum of up until Google develops a fix.
There are several deserving choices readily available out there, however theres no doubt one of the absolute best is Waze, another Google-owned navigation service that also assists you prevent heavy traffic in a particular area. On the other hand, Waze does not have support for offline maps, as it needs long-lasting Internet access to recover reports from other users and identify the fastest path to a destination.

Practically had a crash today because the map now shows on the left side of the screen away from the motorist which is very distracting,” someone
explains on the main Google online forums where 10s of users have actually currently reported the precise same issue on Android Auto.
“This actually requires a repair! In its current type its sidetracking, unusable, and harmful as it needs you to look all the way to the visitors side of the screen,” someone else included.
In the meantime, who specifically has a bigger chance of being struck by this problem? As it winds up, the whole thing occurs generally in RHD vehicles and trucks, and while its not yet clear if LHD models are affected also, Im seeing increasingly more individuals experiencing Google Maps unexpectedly changing the design over night.
And now, some outstanding news. Google has verified that its currently examining the problem, nevertheless, on the other hand, theres no ETA regarding when a repair work might be launched and Google Maps may for that reason return back to typical.

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