January 18, 2022

Pokémon Unite Is Getting Another Game Update, Here Are The Full Patch Notes – Nintendo Life

Pokémon Unite is getting another game upgrade tomorrow that consists of both modifications and fixes.
This spot is the extremely same one that will include the brand-new assistance pocket monster Blissey. There are bug repairs, text repairs, store updates, and modifications to states and relocations of Pokémon.
There are even adjustments to wild monsters and fight products. Here are the complete area notes from the primary video game site:

Bug Fixes
Text Fixes
Store Updates
Modifications are being made to some Pokémon stats and transfer to change the balance of Unite Battles.
Stealth Rock:- Cooldown reduced.-Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.
Rock Tomb:- Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.
– Movement speed changed.
Bulldoze:- Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.
Dragon Rush:- Cooldown decreased.
Surf:- Duration of results on opposing Pokémon decreased.
Scald: Bug Fixes-Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.
Heavy Slam:- Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon decreased.
Block:- Duration of outcomes on opposing Pokémon minimized.
Flail:- Move Upgrade
– Unite Move: Power Nap-HP remediation reduced.
Smokescreen:- Move Downgrade-Cooldown extended.
Water Shuriken:- Cooldown reduced.-Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.
Double Team:- Cooldown decreased.
Join Move: Starlight Recital-Bug Fixes
Standard Attack:- Bug Fixes
Alolan Ninetales
Snow Warning:- Bug Fixes
Aurora Veil:- Bug Fixes
Fundamental Attack-Bug Fixes
Psychic:- Bug Fixes
Cyclone:- Bug Fixes
Wild PokémonAvalugg-Stat Decrease
Combat ItemsEject Button-Stat Decreases
Goal-Getter-Stat Increases
Fluffy Tail-Stat Increases
X Attack-Stat Increases

If youve not tried this game yet, make certain to read our examination. Are you still playing this game almost a month later? Leave a remark down below.

Planned Date/Time2021 -8 -18 at 7:00 UTC
Applying the UpdateRestart the app on your device to utilize the update.

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