January 18, 2022

Sakuras face and stance seemingly adjusted on character select screen in latest Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition patch – EventHubs

Does not look bug-eyed any longer

Rather of that odd smile, she now has a more neutral expression. She in fact looks a lot closer to the Sakura we understood in Street Fighter 4.

This wasnt explained in the notes for the balance spot that brought us Oro and Akira Kazama, it seems that modifications have in fact been made to Sakuras look on the character select screen.

A current Tweet by BurnoutFighter highlights how Sakura appears on the computer game character select screen prior to and after the most current upgrade. Specifically, the character appears taking an entirely numerous position in the two images.

Problems with how Sakura looked were especially apparent in her story outfit, which has her donning a trendy look. For whatever reason, she discovered as looking specifically bug-eyed in this outfit.

Street Fighter 5 hasnt precisely had the finest track record when it comes to the casts facial looks. Characters like Ken and Sakura are infamous for their … less than appealing faces.

Have a look at the previously and after contrasts listed below:

Sakuras FACE and her character select position got rubbed! #SFV #Sakura pic.twitter.com/loLcyiFhLZ— BurnoutFighter 번아웃파이터 #XSplit #EQNX #엑스플릿 (@burnoutfighter) August 16, 2021

Click images for larger variations

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