January 18, 2022

Baiken revealed for Samurai Shodown, to be released on August 19th – EventHubs

The most recent character for SNKs sword-swinging brawler Samurai Shodown has actually been exposed, and its the long-teased Guilty Devices visitor character.

As guaranteed the other day and long since predicted by myself the character is unquestionably Baiken, the signature samurai character of Guilty Gear, and she seems based upon her Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 appearance, additional showing the reliability of the computer game data-mining leakage from back in March.

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Baiken is a standard Guilty Gear character appearing in the series as far back as the truly first video game, where she was a company character, and has actually been present throughout the majority of series history ever given that.

Baiken will be released for Samurai Shodown fans rather quickly, with her release date set as Thursday, August 19th, later today.

With a heavy focus on older Japanese culture and samurai visual, shes a natural fit for the world of Samurai Shodown, though she absolutely brings a few of her own methods to this standard Japanese setting.

Video courtesy of KOF XV.

Considered that SNK had actually stated this trailer would debut a day in the future, this appears a leaked variation of the trailer which explains its relatively bad quality, but were most likely to see a more high quality version released later today.

The trailer showcases many of Baikens renowned relocations, consisting of the Yozansen air slash, her tatami gaeshi mat stomp and even her trusted claw and cannon relocations as part of her toolbox.

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