January 18, 2022

Baffle lands $20M Series B to simplify data-centric encryption

Baffle supports all major cloud platforms, consisting of AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, and its currently used to secure more than 100 billion records in monetary services, healthcare, retail, industrial IoT, and federal government, according to the start-up. The company claims it stores records coming from the leading 5 worldwide monetary services companies and five of the leading 25 global business.

The start-up states its goal is to make information breaches “irrelevant” by efficiently protecting info anywhere it may be, so that even if there is a security breach, the information will be unusable and unavailable by hackers.

” With this monetary investment, we can satisfy market need for data-centric cloud information defense that allows responsible digital information sharing and breaks the cycle of continuous information and personal privacy breaches,” Divatia consisted of.

Baffle was founded in 2015 to help avoid the increasing risks to service possessions in private and public clouds. Unlike many services that just secure information in-transit and at-rest, Baffles service keeps data secured while its being processed by databases and applications through a “security mesh” that de-identifies delicate information that it claims uses no performance effect to consumers.

Baffle, which states it has really seen threefold revenues growth over the past year, informs TechCrunch that the funds will be utilized to help it grow to meet market need and to invest even more in product development. It also plans to double its headcount from 25 to 50 workers over the next 12 months.

A lot of file encryption is misapplied, and rather frankly, doesnt do anything to secure your information,” the start-up claims. Continuous modification makes it difficult to embrace an absolutely no trust security posture without securing the data itself,” said Ameesh Divatia, co-founder and CEO of Baffle.

California-based Baffle, a start-up that means to prevent info breaches by keeping information encrypted from production through processing, has really raised $20 million in Series B financing.

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