October 18, 2021

Google quietly released the official Pixel 4 and 4a promo wallpapers – 9to5Google

Starting with the Pixel 3, Google has prepared special-use wallpapers for its phones that can be seen in renders and other promo materials, displaying the generation of the device in large type. But despite only being used for marketing purposes, the backgrounds have been highly sought after by fans. Some artists have gone so far as to create near-pixel-perfect copies in the absence of their official versions. Now, Google has made some of these promo wallpapers available to Pixel 4 and 4a users.

The wallpapers, which display ‘P4’ and ‘4a’ on their respective phones, have been made available silently and are somewhat tucked away within the Wallpapers app. If you have either the 4 or 4a, you’ll be able to find the background in the app under the ‘Art’ collection, which contains digital art from a variety of artists and has existed for many years. The photos are tagged “Love, Pixel.,” a phrase which usually appears in the “Keep Looking” collection on Pixel devices older than the 4a 5G.

Mysteriously, the Pixel 4a 5G and 5 have not been updated with their promotional wallpapers, which are made up of ‘5G’ in large, building block style letters and either ‘4a’ or ‘5’ in smaller text over the G. The generic ‘Pixel’ image seen in advertisements like the ‘Pixel vs. Pixel’ series has not been released either, but this has also been recreated by a fan of the smartphone line.

It’s unclear whether Google will continue releasing these wallpapers to newer Pixel phones. If you don’t own either the Pixel 4 or 4a, but still want to use the wallpapers for some reason, you can download both of them in full quality below.

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