January 17, 2022

Samsungs Note line is dead, and the Z Fold 3 doesnt even support its S Pen – PhoneArena

Well, well, well,
Samsungs August Unpacked event came and went with nary a whiff of its heretofore star individual – the next Galaxy Note line entrant that was to be the
Bear in mind 20 follower apparent. Why?.

Aug 13, 2021, 4:23 AM

Samsungs retractable phone pattern, for once, as the business recognized it a smarter strategy to use S Pen tack-ons for the huge primary display screen of the.
Z Fold 3 that can take a Note 20+ on its area, and still have some inches to spare for side notes. Fairwell, Galaxy Note line, its been exceptional understanding ya!

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Will my Note 10/20 stylus work on the Z Fold 3?

Hence, if you desire the S Pen experience on your Galaxy Z Fold 3, you d requirement to buy the licensed styli, and today Samsung is utilizing a rather magnificent offer on exactly such “Z Fold 3 environment strategy” that includes the Flip Cover case with the S Pen Fold edition tucked ingeniously in the hinge place to avoid adding bulk.

In addition, the S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro styli have softer tips than the ones you are using with your.
Galaxy Note 20 or Note 20+, so thats another layer of sure-fire security compared to the regular Note line stylus.

Scribble with the respective high quantity of pressure, and the retractable pointer participates in the 2 brand-new S Pen styles body to avoid harm. Those 80% greater sturdiness specifications of the new Z Fold 3 screen compared to Z Fold 2 apparently go usually towards enhanced flexibility points, instead of hardening of the leading cover.

Galaxy Z Fold Edition S Pen vs S Pen Pro.

Z Fold 3 Ecosystem Bundle, at $500-$ 1100 off.

The bad part? You cant even use the Note 20 or other Note line S Pen stylus on the Z Fold 3. It turns out that Samsung produced both dedicated Z Fold 3 styli – the S Pen Fold Edition one in its Flip Cover case, and the standalone S Pen Pro – with a retractable tip, so regarding make it idiot-proof for those who d compose angry letters to their ex.

Bluetooth only on the S Pen Pro.
Z Fold 3 S Pen Edition is much lighter and much shorter.
Both function retractable suggestions.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 S Pen Edition vs S Pen Pro.

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